Q: How to Introduce Kids to the Dentist.

A:1. Look through the dentist entries in the phone book. Find dentists that specialize in working with children. 2. Ask your friends and family members where they...Read More »


Q: How to Take Kids to the Dentist.

A:1. Make an appointment with a pediatric dentist around your child's first birthday or when the first tooth appears. Dental visits should continue every six mont...Read More »


Q: I have all kids (illinois) insurance, which is likely pretty bad ...

A:It will definitely have to be pulled. You cannot do it alone without parent/guardian approval, as you are a minor. I don't know the price of the removal in Illi...Read More »


Q: Why are kids afraid of the dentist?

A:Talk to your child to find out why she is afraid of the dentist. Once you knowRead More »


Q: How many kids hate the dentist?

A:A ton of kids hate the dentist at first but alot of them get used to going andRead More »


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Illinois Members: If you are enrolled in the HFS/All Kids Dental Program, an Accountable Care Entity or a Care Coordination Entity, please choose "IL Illinois All .
Welcome to All Kids Dental Pediatrics & Orthodontics in Glenwood Springs, Rifle, and Aspen, Colorado! Our skilled dentists, Dr. Casey Johnson, Dr. Matthew .
The state of Illinois offers Illinois uninsured and low income adults, children and families a dental program for eligible recipients. The Illinois Department of .
All Kids Dental is proud to have a father-daughter team of pediatric dentists - Brianne E. Hills, DDS and Robert J. Henry, DDS, MS. Dr. Brie and Dr. Bob pride .
DentaQuest of Illinois (DentaQuest) administers the Dental Program for All Kids Program beneficiaries. The Dental Program provides fee-for-service .
Call Dr. Marcela Mujica of All Kids Pediatric Dentistry today for effective and affordable pediatric dental care. Serving the Charlotte North Carolina 28273 and .
All Kids Dentistry was designed to give kids with all types of different needs a safe and fun place to come regularly for their oral health care.
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Ugliest people?? [Pics included]!!??
The dude in the last picture gave me the creeps. Not all are bad though...........they just need a trip to the dentist and orthodontist.

What are the different areas you can specialize in, in dentistry. ?
Here are the recognized dental specialties: An Orthodontist - prevents and treats badly aligned teeth and jaws. An Oral Surgeon and an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon - surgically treat injuries, abnormalities and diseases of the mouth and adjacent parts. A Periodontist - prevents and treats...

Good/Affordable Pediatric Dentist In Dallas Area?
You can find the dentists in your area on this web site. Go to provider search and type in your zip code. It will show the dentists available. If you also want to save some money, you can get information on the same web site. http://mybenefitsplus.com/wpaul If you need additional information...

UIC or ISU in dentistry which ranks supreme?
1 University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry 2 University of Washington-Health Sciences School of Dentistry 3 University of Colorado Denver 4 State University of New York at Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine 4 Harvard University School of Dental Medicine 6 University...

Why do people enjoy videos of kids who are high on pain meds after surgery or the dentist?
I feel it's because a majority of people (such as parents) have all gone through this, especially wisdom teeth. So when they see their child going through the same state as they once were, it's amusing. Plus, it is not harming anyone compared to intaking alcohol. So I think people find it funny/amusing...