Q: What is the number for the dentist office 604 maitland ave altamo...

A:John P Spolski DDS, 604Read More »


Q: What county is Altamonte Springs in?

A:Altamonte Springs is a city in Seminole County, in the Orlando metro area.Read More »


Q: How far is it from altamonte springs to Orlando?

A:13.17 kilometres (8.19 miles)Read More »


Q: What is the address of the Hilton hotel located in Altamonte Spri...

A:According to the Hilton website, their hotel in Altamonte Springs, Florida is located at 350 Northlake Boulevard. The postal code of Altamonte Springs is 32701.Read More »


Q: Are there Franklin Services Home Inspections in Altamonte Springs...

A:Yes. 695 Teal Lane, Altamonte Springs,, FLRead More »


altamonte springs dentist

Our Family Dentistry Office is in the Douglas Center Complex between S.R. 434 & Central Parkway on Douglas Avenue. Click here for .
Welcome to Altamonte Springs Family Dentistry, Your Dentist in Altamonte Springs, FL! Our number one goal is to establish trust. Our excellent service, friendly .
Altamonte Springs dentist, Palm Springs Dental Associates is a local, trusted dental practice offering general and cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, implants, .
Welcome to the online home of our Central Florida comprehensive dentistry practice. We invite you to learn more about our Altamonte Springs dental office, our .
Hours and directions for the Aspen Dental office in Altamonte Springs, FL. Our dentists can provide care that addresses both your short- and long-term oral .
Metro Orlando Dentist offers Dental Implants, Porcelain Veneers, Full Mouth Reconstruction, IV Sedation, & more in Altamonte Springs FL. Call 407-862-7000 .
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Does universal health care in Canada include dentistry?
No, the federal government does not cover dental work. However, there are some provincial governments, Ontario is one of them, that will pay for children in low income families who require serious dental work. Edited: http://www.ottawa.ca/residents/health/li... scroll down to who can use...

I am looking for a Dentist, in Northern IL that specializes in quality dentures.?
Hi, I'm a dentist. Look for prosthodontists...they are specialist dentists that do primarily prosthetics- typically they do the best dentures, but you'll likely pay more for seeing the specialist. Good luck.

Do you have to be SUPER smart to be a dentist?
If Court is a dentist then I am a rocket scientist. Knowing the numbers of the teeth is the least of your worries. As the DDS of 38 yrs said, you need to possess an above average intelligence and manual dexterity. Being good in math and science will help greatly. The most important trait...

What are good colleges in Ca for future dentists?
any undergrad college will work as long as you earn a bachlors... then any dental school that accepts you. going to a 'prestigous' school will not help you getting into a dental school... a 4.0 from State U is the same as a 4.0 from any UC school..

Cosmetic surgery - a life saver or image makeover?
mate, cosmetic surgery isn't something bad, but the question is "are we using it in the right way?" most of people aren't using it probably, even cosmetic specialists became traders, though you look good they still want to convince you that "no, you have to change that part of your body, face...