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Popular Q&A

What does this mean? Having trouble getting numb for surgery, at dentist, etc.?
I have the exact same problem. When I had to have toe surgery (on both toes) they would not go numb after the injections. It turned out I had to have 7 injections in each toe all over to get it to deaden some and even then I could feel it slightly. Sometimes your nerves adapt to the serum...

Best cosmetic dentistry in korea?? which clinic?
do you mean about Implant? if you do, you just make an appointment with the docter in any cities. in Korea, majority dentistry is advanced(it doesn't mean Korean dentistry is more advanced than USA) and cheaper than USA(sorry for i don't know about the others). but you had better make an appointment...

I need help creating activities?
Set up a play area with mats, chairs and office things like charts, flashlights and clipboards for the kids to role-play. Read stories, show pics, but just plant an idea in their heads & watch they come up with on their own. They love dress-up areas.

Tooth ache//root canal?
Hello! my name is Angela and I am an "Intern Dentist". Toothaches and the problem can be very difficult to diagnose. Now, you say the tooth has a 'crown' which was put on because your natural tooth was badly decayed. Chances are that the ' decay worked its way down to the nerve" of the tooth...

Which is a better union for nurses in NY- 1199 or NYSNA?
neither.... why are you in favor of a union as a professional? why don't doctors and dentists have unions? hmmmmm?