Q: What does "we cater 2 cowards" mean?

A:It depends on what the context or business that it is being used for, often seen ...Read More »


Q: Does your dentist "cater to cowards?

A:my husband grew up in england, and when he broke his face, neck and back playing rugby for the national team, they used his teeth to tie him back together...no ...Read More »


Q: NBA: How is Dwight Coward enjoying his "back spasms" being catere...

A:I feel your pain. Weird thing is Disney World is right around the corner. Good lesson to the small ones that travel there. Kid: "Hey, mom! Mother: "Yes? "That g...Read More »


Q: Catering to Cowards?

A:For several years now, I've suffered terribly from back, neck and shoulder pain due to fibromyalgia and lupus. Each year, the doctors try to stuff more and mor...Read More »


Q: Do you cater to cowards?

A:We know not everyone looks forward to their dental appointments. Our goal is to make every patient's visit as comfortable as possible. We encourage you to ask a...Read More »


cater to cowards dentistry

In recent years, a number of dental offices have added the slogan "We Cater to Cowards" to their office descriptions---almost as an afterthought. However, that is .
5757 W Thunderbird Rd, Glendale, AZ 85306, United States (602) 938-2736
Quiet and gentle, the laser has transformed traditional dentistry- no drill,.the dentist who CATERS TO COWARDS offers a complimentary consultation to new .
Salem, MA dentist Dr. Burba knows how to cater to cowards. If you re afraid of having your dental work done, he can make sure you don t feel a thing.
Our motto is We Cater to Cowards, and it s true! We do our best to see to it that every dental appointment is as enjoyable as it can be. From young children to .
Welcome to Michael Kampourakis DDS, office of smithtown dentist. We are glad you have chosen us for your oral health needs and hope that every encounter .
We Cater to Cowards.Gallery ·- Forms ·- Services ·- Six Month Braces ·- Testimonials ·- Location ·- Botox/Juvederm. "We Cater to Cowards". © 2015Ledger Dentistry.
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