Q: How to Celebrate National Dentist Day

A:Thank your Dentist on Dentist Day by sending a thank you card, a gift certificate, or by stopping by the dental office to thank your Dentist in person. Making a...Read More »


Q: What celebrity does your dentist look most like?

A:The older lady from the movie Julie & Julia. not sure which one is which.Read More »


Q: Does celebrities' dentist Samer Safadi have a dental practice in ...

A:At Dr. Sam Safadi's practice, Goodyear General Dentistry, west Phoenix area patients are pampered by our attentive staff committed to meeting their every need. ...Read More »


Q: Your Fantasy Celebrity Dentist?

A:George Clooney, yes please, not younger though, just as he is, but not to begin with. Would have gone to another dentist first, get my teeth in tiptop condition...Read More »


Q: Your Fantasy Celebrity Dentist?

A:My first pick would be George C, but SS has already booked all his time! So I will go with Sean Connery or Daniel Craig; got a thing for 007. Might even open my...Read More »


celebrity dentist

Pop Stars go to the Dentist too! There are so many fans that want pictures of your favorite stars.help them ALL get shiny sparkling teeth so they can show off .
Stars really are just like Us! Check out some the celebrities -- including.and Kim Kardashian -- who ve tweeted pictures from the dentist s chair.
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What questions do you want to ask? I'm not a dentist but I can help find the answer. I hope this site works: http://www.justanswer.com/dental/

Does getting all A's really matter when trying to get into dental school?
You should be trying to get as many As as possible. Dentistry isn't quite as competitive as medicine, but it's still competitive with high standards. Starting out just aiming for Bs is just setting yourself up for failure. And yes, your premed friends do really need to retake courses they do...

Is san diego state a good university to go for dentistry?
No. San Diego State does not have a school of dentistry. You could, however, go there for college. You will need to have a bachelor's degree before you can go to dental school.

I need some help choosing my College Major.. and I have some questions?
You have a lot of good questions. I will do what I can to answer some of them, but, IMHO, some of them would be better answered in a face to face conversation with an appropriate source of information. You can major in anything you like, get good grades, get a high LSAT score, and go on to...

PLEASE,someone, submit a treatment for gum pain, be it ancient, herbal,holistic or otherwise... I am unable tk?
The treatment of gum disease generally depends on the severity of the condition. Treatment options include healthy eating, proper brushing and flossing, regular visits to the dentist, non-surgical therapy and surgery. If you have developed gingivitis, your dentist or oral hygienist will clean...