Q: What is the phone number for the Dentist Dinah Vice in chapel hil...

A:Dinah B Vice & Associates 1801 E Franklin St,Read More »


Q: Affordable dentists in Chapel Hill, Cary, Raleigh?

A:I am no longer on dental insurance. I think it would be great if people could post prices they were charged for dental services such as: cleaning, x-rays, etc. ...Read More »


Q: Telephone number for chapel dentists on jawbones hill in chesterf...

A:Chapel Hall Dental Surgery Jawbones Hill ChesterfieldRead More »


Q: Becoming a dentist at unc-chapel hill?

A:Contact the school and inquire directly./Read More »


Q: ASAP - Dentist in SW Durham or Chapel Hill?

A:I really like my new dentist in Chapel Hill. Dr. Joel Wagoner 919-968-9697. He is in practice with his son...happy with both of them. JudyRead More »


chapel hill dentists

Dr. James Furgurson is a family dentist in Chapel Hill NC, offering general family dentistry as well as restorative and cosmetic dentistry and dental implants.
Jessica Bishop DDS is a Chapel Hill Dentist providing general and cosmetic dentistry services.
Find Dentists such as Frederick G. Lehmann D.D.S Pa, Michael C. Willock Ddd, Julie Mol PA, King, Wesley E DDS, and David E Hoyle DDS in Chapel Hill, NC.
When you visit Chapel Hill Dental Arts your smile is our top priority.are dedicated to providing you with the personalized, quality dental care that you deserve. Dentures - Testimonials - Contact Us - Our Practice
Meadowmont Dentistry provides family, sedation and cosmetic dental care to residents in Chapel Hill, Carrboro and across Orange County.
Top Dentists in Chapel Hill, NC Jeffrey West, DMD, Ellis Family Dentistry, Chapel Hill Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Sunrise Dental, Angela G. Ellis, DDS, PA, .
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How will my face change with five missing back teeth?
Hi Sarah Losing teeth is unpleasant. If your dentist or periodontist has recommended this then there is certainly a reason behind this. I dont think that you will have any problems with your appearance changing since these are back teeth. Your periodontist is correct to say that you will cope...

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While it's not as targeted as a dedicated physiology forum, many students do try Yahoo Answers. studentdoctor.net also has a dentistry forum (in addition to many other health professions). Link below. Edit: google search turned up a few. Here's one for phsyiology: http://www.valuemd.com/physiology...

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We go to Deerfield Family Dental at Hillsboro and Military. They're on this list... http://dentists.deerfieldbeach.ypeek.com...

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Putting permanent crowns on them is a much better idea than pulling them out and doing a four-unit bridge. Implants are really expensive, and sometimes require bone grafts to be successful. As long as they have had root canals, there is nothing wrong with having two dead teeth in your mouth...