Q: How long does it take for dentist numbing to clear?

A:The numbness will last 3-6hours. The soreness at the injection site may last a couple of days, Ibuprofen will help with that. Source(s) A dentist.Read More »


Q: What orthodontists or dentists provide Clear Correct aligners in ...

A:We're so glad you're thinking about improving your smile with ClearCorrect. We have many dentists and orthodontists in the Chicago area. Visit the link below an...Read More »


Q: How long do I wait for this to clear up, or should I seek another...

A:Hi Dawn, I feel your frustration. Over the years I have had similar frustrations in dentists offices happen to me. First, you have to understand that not even ...Read More »


Q: What will a dentist do if infection after wisdom tooth extraction...

A:Infection is an hard, warm painful abscess/lump in check, side of face about the size of a golf ball. Serious answers only please, I know the dentist could answ...Read More »


Q: Where is Cosmetic Smile Designs (Richard Sparks,D.D.S.)? Clear La...

A:Cosmetic Smile Designs.com (Richard Sparks,D.D.S.) has relocated to 320 East Medical Center,Webster,Tx 77598.Read More »


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High quality dental care by experienced and caring dentists at Whitgift Centre dental practice in Croydon. Dentist in Croydon offering general .
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Dentistry in Abroad?
first question to be answered by you is which country do you belong to at the moment? next,decide what part of the world are you looking forward to practising dentistry?i mean what exactly you mean by abroad ?but trust me,Dentists anywhere around the globe are in great demand,all thanks to...

As an iranian dentist ,can i find the job in my field in denmark?
I think it would be very difficult for you to get a job as a dentist in Denmark at the moment. The rules on who are allowed to work in Denmark are very strict if you are not a Nordic or EU citizen. You say you are iranian, so I am guessing you are not a Nordic or EU citizen so you need a work...

Movie questions...?
John Cusack-Movie Star Tim robbins-Prisoner Billy Bob Thorton-Farmer/Engineer John Travolta-Politician Matthew Perry-Dentist Noah Wyle-Librarian Billy Crystal-Psychitrist Christoper Reeves-Newspaper Reporter/Superhero Hugh Grant-Wasn't in Never Been kissed

How long for tooth extraction hole to close?
Rest assured knowing that your healing timeline is not out of whack. Typically, it could take 2-3 months for the "hole" to close up. Extraction sockets heal from the bottom of the void up to the gum. When a tooth is removed, a blood clot forms within the socket (the space that was once...

Dentist stuff.?
If you have a cavity go and visit your dentist and have him/her treat it asap, if you leave it until March it could end up in a worse state, the cavity could get bigger and the tooth may end up breaking as it becomes weaker, or you could end up with an infection, if the cavity is left exposed...