Q: Who is the best family dentist in Cleveland OH?

A:There are many dentists in the area with high recommendations. One of which is: Dentist Niki Cochran, DDS. She serves quality family and cosmetic dentistry to t...Read More »


Q: What is the phone number for Dr. Taub (sp), a dentist in Clevelan...

A:Steven J Taub MD 6803 Mayfield Rd Cleveland, O...Read More »


Q: What is the phone number for Dr. Walker's dentist office in Cleve...

A:Dr. William G. Walker, DDS is at 755 BroadRead More »


Q: When to see a Cleveland dentist

A:Regular dental check-ups are significant. Also visit a dentist if you have: A toothache - this may be induced by dental decay. Bleeding gums - this may be drive...Read More »


Q: Can you recommend a reasonably priced dentist on the east side of...

A:Check out http://www.MyBestDentalBenefits.com and you can look up providers. It's a site for a discount dental program that I have and I get great savings.Read More »


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We ve extended hours on Tuesdays until 6pm for your convenience. Cleveland Dental has served the dental needs of the Bradley County community for over 40 .
Find and research local Dentists in Cleveland, OH including ratings, contact information, and more.
Dr. Brad Hylan is a Cleveland Dentist who is known for being gentle and for seeing emergencies immediately. We cater to cowards.
Cleveland Dentists :: Advanced cosmetic and family dentistry in a.at West Park Dental in Cleveland Ohio provide excellent family and cosmetic dental care in a .
Find Dentists such as Linda K. Kerata D.D.S., Refresh Dental - Middleburg Heights, Refresh Dental - St. Luke s, Lawrence Frankel DDS, and Roberts, Fredrick A .
The unique combination of experience, convenience, professional diversity and Cleveland born make Hudec Dental a choice that you can be Confident in .
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1-800-dentist is a website designed to find legimate,board certified dentists in your area. everyone has their own personal opinions of dentists. i used 1-800 dentist to find my dentist for my kids and i love her-she's really good with my daughters (youngest is 4) and her office is super clean...

Can Tmj disorder cause muffled hearing?
My dentist is a TMJ specialist and he told me that TMJ CAN cause muffled hearing. I would see a TMJ specialist. You may have to have an appliance of some sort to wear at night to correct and realign the jaw. No big deal but it is a bit pricey if insurance doesn't cover it.

Would you recommend Phyathai Hospital in BKK?
If you don't mind a trip to CM, you will save a good bit. I just had some minor skin stuff done at Chiang Mai Ram and was very impressed with the thoroughness of the doc and was quite surprised with how cheap it was for a 40 minute procedure included... between dentistry and cyst removed it...

Dental Implant?
Hi, i am in the process if getting 2 implants, one either side of my front teath. I havnt had the procedure finsihed yet, atm have 2 metal pegs sticking out my gum (attractive!!) but in next couple of weeks they are going to be taken out and replaced my the tooth. My gum was swollen alot more...

What do you look for at a dentistry website?
Maybe the scheduling would be good. The one thing I would like in a dentistry site is full info on payment options. I always end up having to call around on that issue too much. People shouldn't hide the ball on how plans work - just spell it out for us! Yet, I don't think many want to place...