Q: Who is father of community dentistry?

A:mc Kay.Read More »


Q: What are the different branches of Community Dentistry?

A:Branches of community dentistry. There are six branches of community dentistry. First branch deals with assessment and investigation of levels of community prob...Read More »


Q: What major should i take on community college in advance for dent...

A:If you can start at a four year college, do so. It is controversial whether or not community college courses are rigorous enough to prepare one for tests such a...Read More »


Q: What degree can you get from a community college to help me with ...

A:You will best be served with a degree in a science - like biology or chemistry. A liberal arts degree is going to do no more than satisfy your general ed requir...Read More »


Q: What is medical definition of community dentistry?

A:n a branch, discipline, or specialty of dentistry that deals with the community and its aggregate dental or oral health rather than that of the individual patie...Read More »


community dentistry

The British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry was founded in 1973 by leading dental professionals concerned with the needs of populations and .
Welcome. Community Dental Health - Aims. The journal is concerned with dental public health and related subjects. Dental public health is the science and the .
The Department of Community Dentistry is the link between the School of Dental Medicine, the greater Cleveland community and beyond. The mission of the .
Community Dental We provide access to dental health treatment, disease prevention and education to all people of Maine.
A confident and compassionate social enterprise, making a visible difference to the communities we serve and ensuring that the best possible oral healthcare is .
We are pleased to announce the appointment of Murray Thomson as Editor-in- Chief of Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology, effective .
Community Dental Care provides general dentistry services specializing in dental procedures and services in Maplewood, St. Paul, Robbinsdale, & Rochester, .
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I live in baton rouge. Im searching for dentist who work with abcess teeth. Im curious about the cost. Help?
With my company if you sign up for one of the discounts plans, in your area you get a 20% on most of your dental costs at a participating Dr. It is not insurance but a medical/dental discount plan. It allows you to get discounts for dental, vision, chiropractic, prescription and physician visits...

Dentist-Green Bay?
Sorry don't know any in GB but if you want to travel to Milwaukee I will give you the name of my dentist. Did upper denture for me and haven't had a single problem. Try calling 1-800-DENTIST - they will have a list for you. Mostly I just wanted to say "Hey" to another Wisconsinite.

I really want a handwriting or a typing job for the summer (now) and I live in Toronto, Canada. Any webs/ppl?
Posting your address on YA is dangerous as you will attract spammers, scammers and stalkers. As for your question, it's a bit late to be looking for summer jobs and, sorry, but no company will hire a 13 year old to do typing jobs. Most people have computers and do their own typing. Try babysitting...

Quick question about invisalign, DR please?
With todays advance dental pracitices, braces can me made less and less noticable. Invisaline is great, I do reccomend it. I myself had it, and I have several patients who've had it and been greatly pleased with the outcome. It requires more frequent visits to the Dentist for new series of...

Dentists and ALL their X-rays?
It isn't always necessary to take xrays and it also depends on the dentist. Sure, they can see cavities on the surface but they can't tell how deep they are or if you have cavities under fillings or in between your teeth in some spots. The xrays also show your bone level (so if your teeth have...