Q: What to Expect At My Baby's Dentist Appointments.

A:Though there is some debate concerning when a child should first visit the dentist, most experts agree that the first birthday, or six months after the first to...Read More »


Q: How to Create a Dentist for Babies on Club Penguin

A:1 Get a big igloo. Try a backyard or two level igloo. Ad 2 Get 4 or 5 lawn chairs. You can use regular chairs, if you don't have lawn chairs. Put them upstairs....Read More »


Q: How will a dentist treat a baby tooth with a massive hole in it?

A:The answer to this depends on a lot of factors - especially the age of the child and how close that tooth is to falling out naturally. If this is your baby, ple...Read More »


Q: Where can one download the Dentist Offices games?

A:If you own an iPhone you can download the Dentist Office game by accessing the app store on your phone. You can also download this onto your iPad as well.Read More »


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This cute baby loves to suck on lollipops while he plays with his favorite toys. But, he isn t very interested in spending time brushing his teeth .
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Where is a affordable dentist to extrct teeth in indiana( terra haute area)?
Call the ADA - American Dentist Association and they will recommend someone or call an Orthodontist and ask the people in the front office who they send their patients too

That sounds a lot like she will be cutting her first tooth soon. There is absolutely no need to go to the dentist! My son got his first front bottom teeth at 4 months within days of each other. He has been dribbling, chewing on everything, even trying to get my clothes in his mouth, so I think...

Will i get into a good college with these grades?
It's not based off of GPA per quarter you have to have a good cumulative GPA. A 2.5 is not that great. Getting D's isn't either. I graduated high school with a 2.4 and had to go to community college. Though going to a community college, you have a chance to get a good GPA to transfer, I did...

What is the mission statement of Loma Linda school of dentistry and how can I fulfill it as a student?
Their mission statement can be found on their website at: http://www.llu.edu/dentistry/mission.pag... You can fulfill it as a student by practicing their core values, which are also listed.

Does healthy kids do dental care?
It depends- what state are you in? Michigan or New Hampshire? If so, it does look like you can get dental care. You just have to find a dentist that will accept Healthy Kids.