Q: Scared of Dentist check up?

A:I have a check up at the dentist in 2 days and I'm really scared! My last check up was fine but she said I was on the verge of getting a filling! I'm really sca...Read More »


Q: Dentist check up?

A:Well dentists usually work to an appointment system and if you are booked in for a checkup they probably wont be able to do any treatment as fillings take longe...Read More »


Q: Scared of Dentist check up?

A:honastly i hate dentist check ups to i have gotten bout 3 fillings there acually not as bad as you think the first filling i got i was really nervous but before...Read More »


Q: Routine dentist check up?

A:They range from 80 to 160 depending on how popular that particular dentist is.Read More »


Q: What do they do when you go to the dentist for a 'check up?

A:Most dental Check ups involve the dentist examining your ...Read More »


dentist check up

So that your dentist can check for problems that you might not see or feel.The typical dental checkup visit usually includes the following oral health care .
It s important to see your dentist regularly to maintain good oral health. Learn what a dental checkup involves and how often you should have one.
DUBAI // The first workers from labour camps have been checked for signs of mouth cancer and tooth decay in a new programme offering free .
Even if you take excellent care of your teeth and gums at home, you still need to see your dentist regularly. Your dentist can check for problems that you may not .
What s the difference between a comprehensive examination and a checkup? And what should you tell your dentist?
Find out about dental check-ups, including why they re important, what happens during a check-up and how often you should visit the dentist.
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Do people really act crazy/wacko after the dentist?
Hey Cailey dont worry about getting fillings. The dentist will give you a numb shot and you shouldn't feel any pain, if you do it will be like a pinch. Also try to cooperate with the dentist as much as possible, (do what he says) the more you cooperate with him the faster he can get his job...

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My dentist is charging me for work they told me my insurance company would cover.?
With the dentist, I'm afraid you're going to have to consider it "lesson learned." The dentist's scretary is not an agent of the Insurer and thus cannot make peomises on their behalf. In the future, don't get anything done without a pretreatment estimate from your dentist and insurance company...