Q: What is the minimum liability insurance coverage for Florida dent...

A:There is no minimum. They can buy whatever insurance limits they want, or they can buy none at all.Read More »


Q: T go to the dentist, where i moved, the coverage don'?

A:Hello, as your sister said, it's probably your wisdom teeth, I no your friend said that theres grew in with no pain, but everyone's different, my friend has to ...Read More »


Q: T go to the dentist, where i moved, the coverage don'?

A:It sounds like a wisdom tooth. It's painful because it's pushing on the tooth next to it. You have to see a dentist.Read More »


Q: Do dentists get good dental coverage?

A:In most practices, dentists will receive free dental care from the office they'r...Read More »


Q: Medicare Dental Coverage - What Dentist Services Are Covered by M...

A:Basically, Medicare does not cover dental procedures unless they are done as part of and directly connected with some other Medicare covered condition requiring...Read More »


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Is dentistry considered cosmetic ? What is the average salary of a dentist?
Hi. It's only considered cosmetic for some procedures. For example, a normal filling or tooth replacement is not cosmetic but if you got a gold tooth/filling instead of the normal one it can be considered cosmetic. For the most part it isn't. Salary will depend on where you live, you should...

What are some teeth whitening options?
In my experience, strips work perfectly fine and use the exact same active ingredient found in professionally done teeth whitening procedures, just in lower concentrations. It may actually be better for your teeth to do it at home too, since whitening your teeth can make sensitive teeth even...

Can I get into Duke, UPenn, Washington University in St.Louis, etc.?
I honestly don't know too much about the other two schools, but I know a bit about Duke. For an IB student, your GPA is very solid (assuming that it's unweighted, of course). You are technically a minority, so that is a plus for you. Your disappointment with a 30 on the ACT suggests that...

Sleepless nights in philadelphia pa lol?
My son's dentist said that it will not bother their teeth unless they are still sucking on it by 5. However, if you want to break him of it the sooner the better. My daugther just turned two and we weaned her off slowly over the past few months. We started with "rules" like she couldn't...

I need to locate a orthodontist that takes medicaid and delta insurance in OKC. does anyone know of one?
Here are a few for you!! I know it can be really hard to find them! KELLY KLONTZ 3621 NW 63RD ST OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73116 (405) 848-4809 Distance: 6.05 miles KELLY KLONTZ 9721 S PENNSYLVANIA AVE OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73159 (405) 691-8100 Distance: 6.92 miles ARCHER, JOHN ORTHODONTIC ASSOCIATES,...