Q: Which dentists offer affordable dental plans?

A:Dental work can be very costly if one does not have a good dental plan. The website Dental Plans allows one to find affordable dental plans as well as dentists ...Read More »


Q: Dentists, Dental work, and Dental Insurance plans?

A:I would strongly encourage you to visit this website: http://healthsavings.ourperfectcard.com I signed up online over 3 yeas ago now for all my dental needs. Th...Read More »


Q: What do dentists think of discount plans versus dental insurance?

A:Be cautious about buying a so-called "dental discount plan, often mentioned on Yahoo! since they also have restrictive lists and they really are not dental insu...Read More »


Q: How to Shadow a Dentist for Dental School.

A:A job shadowing experience can be a positive addition to your dental school application. Not only does shadowing a dentist give you a clear idea about what your...Read More »


Q: How to Search for Dentists at Dental Associations.

A:1. Search for dentists by using the tool developed by the largest national dental association, the American Dental Association. The ADA's online tool is very ea...Read More »


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I'm looking for a Dentist in Las vegas that takes Medicaid and will put me to sleep to do the work.?
you know what if you can pay for the extra sedation then you should be able to pay for the extraction. I don't like people who take advantage to the system. suck it up your getting free dental care. TAKE THE PAIN.

Where is thre Abernathy Building?
There are apparently more than one- I found ten before I tired of the search. Some references are circumstantial- I didn't get exact addresses for all of them, but I always got at least city/state and in 3 cases a college campus: Davis Bill Jim Insurance Abernathy Building, Covington, TN 38019...

Dentist in Atlanta?
You can use the yellow pages or http://www.switchboard.com to find ones in the area and then call the office and discuss fees and philosophies. There is also a GA Dental Assn http://www.gadental.org/ which has a referral service that may be useful,

English speaking dentist in northern Taipei (Taiwan)?
I don't have a specific dentist in mind. I suggest you go to a hotel, tourist center, or even some local stores to seek out English-speakers to assist you. Ask older people who have some experience with having dental work done. Without NHI, the cost is naturally more expensive. You might try...

Could i ask my dentist to be took to the hospital for two teeth taken out? with general anesthetic?
It is better to have a root canal than having the teeth pulled. You ALWAYS want to save the tooth as much as possible (this is called being conservative). General anesthetic is not laughing gas. "Laughing gas" as you're referring to is N20 or Nitrous Oxide. It simply gives you a calming...