Q: What do dentists think of discount plans versus dental insurance?

A:Be cautious about buying a so-called "dental discount plan, often mentioned on Yahoo! since they also have restrictive lists and they really are not dental insu...Read More »


Q: My dentist recommended looking into a dental discount plan, which...

A:Can't answer your insurance questions, but how can implants to replace molars, which you cannot see, be considered cosmetic? It is a functional thing to need re...Read More »


Q: What Are Discount Dental Plans?

A:A discount dental plan is a membership system that provides members with a network of participating dentists who charge discounted rates to members. Membership ...Read More »


Q: How to Plan a Field Trip to the Dentist.

A:1. Keep in mind that while this may sound like a fun experience, it can be a scary thought to children. Many children see images of sharp instruments and men cl...Read More »


Q: What are the problems with discount health plans?

A:Some of the problems with discount health plans may include false and dodgy advertising from companies that may include hidden charges. Another problem with dis...Read More »


dentist discount plans

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Popular Q&A

How is the lifestyle of an Oral Surgeon?
first of all, it is possible to be a dentist first and then get further education to become an oral surgeon pretty much anytime into your career. In terms of lifestyle. You can make what you want of it. You can choose to do lots of surgery in the OR and be very involved in hospital dentistry...

What colleges are offering dentistry as a major ,please it has to be near palmdale?
Dentistry is not a major. One needs a Bachelor's degree to attend dental school. You can major in any field but you must take the prerequisites required for dental school.

I am looking for a Dentist, in Northern IL that specializes in quality dentures.?
Hi, I'm a dentist. Look for prosthodontists...they are specialist dentists that do primarily prosthetics- typically they do the best dentures, but you'll likely pay more for seeing the specialist. Good luck.

Does anyone know a dentist that works with people who dont have a dental insure so i can make payments ?
what city and state you live in? If you are in the Elizabeth NJ area, try Gentel Dental they offer their own insurance for $120 which sounds like a lot but saves u alot too if u need them for ex. a root canal.

University of the Pacific or UC riverside?
UC Merced seems like the better school. (then Riverside) UC Merced is really new and hasn't had a chance to shine. UOP is a good school for what your looking into. However, I would goto UC Merced.