Q: How to Select a Dentist for Special Needs Children.

A:1. Ask your child's doctor for a referral to a dentist. It's likely that your doctor is in contact with several dentists that can handle your child's needs. 2. ...Read More »


Q: Do anyone know of a good dentist who see special need children?

A:I would agree with flossie but not all pediatric orthdontists are willing to treat special needs children. In North Dakota there are only two, one here in Bisma...Read More »


Q: Seeking Pediatric Dentist Who Specializes in Treating Special Nee...

A:I don't know of any myself, but I wonder if the local chapter of the Autism Society of America might have some information for you. The list of MD chapters is f...Read More »


Q: What is the term for a special childrens dentist?

A:Pediatric dentistry is an ADA specialty that works with infants, chi...Read More »


Q: When Do Children Need to Start Going to the Dentist?

A:According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a child should see a pediatric dentist by her first birthday, after the first tooth breaks through. Th...Read More »


dentist for special needs children

Dental Care for Children with Special Needs. If your child has a developmental disability, a behavioral issue or a physical limitation, it s important for you to find a .
The Center for Pediatric Dentistry provides expert, caring treatment for children with special needs through age 20. Our dentists and staff fully understand the .
Special needs patients need dental care for healthy teeth, but providing it can. good choice because of the special training they receive working with children.
They have special training to work with a wide variety of dental problems that are .They are trained and qualified to care for children with special needs, and .
Refer to an orthodontist or pediatric dentist for evaluation and specialized. Dental Problems of Children with Special Health Care Needs.
If you are looking for a for special needs children, you have found the right place! Dr. Khan offers a variety of pediatric ry for children of all ages in Richmond, TX .
Many dentists will happily treat people with special dental needs in their surgery. However.It is important to take children to see the dentist at an early age.
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Ignacio de la Vega, downtown Erico Carreno, Zona Rio Both take U.S. dental insurance without applying a deductible, cash, and bank cards. De la Vega likes to discuss treatment options with his patients, Carreno prefers to just get the job done and tends to charge a bit more. You do not need...