Q: How to Find a Dentist in Colorado

A:Contact the Colorado Dental Association at (303) 740-6900 and ask for a list of dental professionals in your area. Request recommendations from friends, neighbo...Read More »


Q: How big is golden colorado?

A:Golden Colorado has population of 17,159 and is a total of 9 square miles in land area. Ch...Read More »


Q: What county is Golden Colorado in?

A:Golden, Colorado, located in Jefferson County had a population of 17,178 in July 20...Read More »


Q: What is it like to live in Golden, CO, Colorado?

A:I dig it. Golden offers access to excellent road and mtn biking. Close enough to Denver so you can take advantage of the restaurants, concerts, sports venues, e...Read More »


Q: Are there Colorado School of Mines in Golden Colorado?

A:Yes. Golden, Colorado, USRead More »


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Why does the TV show/ Movie MASH use the song :?
In the movie MASH that the TV show is based on the dentist was trying to commit suicide. ", but he is never in the show, so why have a song like that as a the theme song." It's the theme song from the movie. It has lyrics in the movie. They play an instrumental version as the theme to the show...

How much is dentistry in Mexico? How much is a cap and post in Mexico?
There are many excellent dentists in Mexico. In border towns , some are good, some are not. In border towns they charge more than in the rest of Mexico. Where I live in southern Mexico a post is $100.00 usd and a root canal is $250 usd A crown is $100 to $150 for a molar. A small filling...

What is that skinny pine tree i see in alot of dentist and doctor office flower beds?
Mugo Pine. It can be pruned and trained as a tree or a crooked little shrub and will flourish in many different climates..

Will the emergency dentist be free?
I don't think the emergency one is free, however i had problems and booked a appointment with my dentist for soon as then to my delight found out it wasn't as expensive as i thought it was going to be, but as you have a tax exemption certificate i think your treatment will be free.

How much does sedation dentistry usually cost?
IV sedation is used mostly by Oral Surgeons/ Maxillo facial surgeons that perform Wisdom teeth extractions, or other facilal surgeries. If you have private insurance at 80%-100% coverage, it may already be covered. However they willl explain your patient portion at the dental visit. Note: IT...