Q: Should I become a graphic designer or a cosmetical dentist?

A:I don't really know. I like to design stuff on photoshop and I'm extremely good at it but the salary and college are going to put me in debt. I would've have to...Read More »


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For our dentists and designers who are working with dentists, we have gathered some useful examples of Dental logos that you can check out .
Classroom Clipart provides a collection of Dental clipart, images, Dental pictures and graphics for you to download.
7539 Dentist illustrations and clipart. Affordable.Happy Dentist Man - Caucasian Cartoon Dentist Man Holding A.Tooth graphic for dentist stock illustration.
Explore Mike, Dental Internet Marketing Consultant s board "Dentist Graphics" on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative .
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Can i make my own dentist appointment card?
Why in the world would you want to do that?

Have you ever gotten any dental work in Mexico?
I had a few months ago in los algodones. I found this very good dentist and he was recommended by friends. We all got dental work and it was way better than the one i had in the US. This is his website http://losalgodonesdentist.com/

What can I expect from my dentist for my teeth?
I can't really give you an exact answer, because it seems there's a lot of work that you wanted to be done on your teeth. Anway, I highly suggest giving our Chandler Dentist a call, he is one of the best family dentist in Arizona. You can contact him through this number: (480) 705-9005 Or visit...

What should i major in Physical Therapist, OT, or Pediatric Dentistry?
All of your options involve graduate school, which I'm not sure if you understood from the way you phrased your question. They all have differing salary ranges, which you can look up online. Each is a fairly different type of job, with varying rigors of training, which is something you also...

I need braces, my husband says too much$ get em in Mexico...?
First of all its your pain not his. Yea if your dentist said you need them trust me you wont regret it. I live in florida and I don't have insurance so I have to pay the full also. If I could do it over this is what I would have done. I would try to find insurance that covered braces. Look...