Q: Should I become a graphic designer or a cosmetical dentist?

A:I don't really know. I like to design stuff on photoshop and I'm extremely good at it but the salary and college are going to put me in debt. I would've have to...Read More »


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For our dentists and designers who are working with dentists, we have gathered some useful examples of Dental logos that you can check out .
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7539 Dentist illustrations and clipart. Affordable.Happy Dentist Man - Caucasian Cartoon Dentist Man Holding A.Tooth graphic for dentist stock illustration.
Explore Mike, Dental Internet Marketing Consultant s board "Dentist Graphics" on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative .
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Can a toothache affect your whole health?
it could be infected...i am a dental assistant....i DO NOT KNOW I AM ONLY GIVING YOU POSSIBILITIES....but yes an infection in your mouth or gums can affect your over all health. your mouth is close to your brain, heart, and where you blood starts to filter. my girlfriend had an abcess that...

Respectable job for a 16 year old?
my cousin worked part time at a bank doing checks.... you could try receptionist at a dr office, dentist, court house you could try retail---like macy's, belk, sears you could try being an assistant I did some tutoring for an elementary school and a private school when i was 16.... at your...

What is so complicating about dentistry? What makes it as hard as people say it is?
Although learning the anatomy of the mouth is fairly easy, as you said, other parts of dentistry aren't nearly as easy. Here are some of the reasons why: Teeth are essential for survival- if you can't eat, you won't live very long. It is the dentist's job to make sure your teeth stay healthy...

Are these Spanish translations correct?
Congratulations !!!! You've done it very well! There are some details to correct but in general your sentences are well done. **His birthday is on Valentine's Day = Su cumpleanos es EN el dia de San Valentin **I live by the library = Yo vivo por la biblioteca..... I'd say Vivo cerca /...