Q: What is the population of Auburn AL?

A:Around 48,000.Read More »


Q: What Dentists are in Auburn CA?

A:Markham Luminita 1101 Maidu Dr, Auburn, CA, 95603Read More »


Q: Who is the best dentist in Auburn?

A:We go to Dr. Schulte and really like him. He's good with the kids also. Also, if you need orthodontal work, Dr. Sheehan from Omaha comes to Schulte's office to ...Read More »


Q: Where is Auburn, AL?

A:Auburn is a city in Lee County, Alabama, United States. It is the largest city in easternRead More »


dentist in auburn al

Auburn Alabama dentist Dr. Raymond Bolt for your dental checkup. A full range of services from cleanings to complex crown and bridge work.
We know that you have a choice in dental care providers in the Auburn/Opelika Area. The Dentists and staff of Central Park Dental Care want to earn your .
Auburn dentist, O Brien Dental is a local, trusted dental practice offering general and cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, implants, veneers & other dental care.
Welcome! Phillips Family Dentistry has been serving the Auburn community for over 25 yrs. Services include dental implants, teeth whitening & more.
Are you looking for a Auburn Family Dentist? Be sure to contact the King Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Auburn, AL. We look forward to your visit to our dental .
Welcome to Auburn Dental Spa, the practice of Dr. Brad Litkenhous!.Auburn Dental Spa is a comprehensive dental care practice located in Auburn, Alabama.
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What is the best Dentistry school in Canada ?
The highest ranked dental school in Canada is The Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto. The Faculty is the largest dental school in Canada. It graduates approximately 70 qualified dentists each year and 25 foreign-trained dentists. It also educates specialists in Orthodontics...

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Price of consultation of wisdom teeth extraction?
Call around to other dentist and oral surgeons and see what they charge for normal consultation. Depending on the condition of your wisdom teeth, a general dentist might be able to take them out instead of an oral surgeon. You just have to call around and find one who does. But that might save...

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How long do you keep fluoride varnish on?
You are fine if it is past the 20 minutes the dentist advised. You do not need to rinse it out.