Q: Is there any dentists in augusta/waterville maine that will accep...

A:yes, there are dentists that will accept care for adults in maine....Read More »


Q: How to Find Hotels in Augusta, Maine

A:Know Your Destination Examine a map. Augusta, Maine, is America's easternmost capital city. Pack appropriate clothing. Augusta's weather varies dramatically dep...Read More »


Q: Why is Augusta the capital of Maine?

A:Augusta as the Capital. Portland was originally chosen at the state capital. It was moved in 1832 to Augusta because it is more centrally located. Furthermore ,...Read More »


Q: What is the population of Augusta Maine?

A:It has a 2009 estimated population of 18,560.Read More »


Q: How to Donate Stuffed Animals in Augusta, Maine.

A:1. Contact the Maine General Medical Center of Augusta regarding stuffed animal donations to Children's Services and Pediatrics, as well as Children's Clinics o...Read More »


dentist in augusta maine

Steven Zembroski is a cosmetic dentist at Cosmetic and Family Dentistry located in Augusta, ME. Steven Zembroski provides the highest quality dentistry .
Hours and directions for the Aspen Dental office in Augusta, ME. Our dentists can provide care that addresses both your short- and long-term oral health needs.
Capitol Dental Care, an Augusta dentist office, offers affordable dentistry services from preventative, restorative to.Capitol Dental Care: Augusta Maine Dentist.
Steven Zembroski is a cosmetic dentist specializing in dental procedures and services in Augusta, ME. Cosmetic and Family Dentistry is located in Augusta, ME.
Find Dentists such as Mk Orthodontics, Me Endodontics, David Stephan Grody DMD, Thomas Bowers Cook DDS, and Augusta Pediatric Dentistry in Augusta, .
Evergreen Dental Associates is located in Augusta Maine. We provide superior treatment for our patients and strive to provide complete patient care, respecting .
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Where can I find an Oral Surgeon that accepts medicaid?
Most states don't cover adults for dental services but try these websites. The options are finding a low cost dental clinic or a dental school. http://www.medicaiddentistry.com/newjers... http://www.state.nj.us/humanservices/dma... http://dentalschool.umdnj.edu/

Anyone go through bottle rot/caries with their child?
wow that seems to be so much money. He don't need caps at this age. They are for permanent teeth and that is where a good bulk of the bills is coming from. I would get his teeth fixed, start with the major caries first as those are the ones giving the pain, they have exposed nerves. I would...

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Thailand has become a major destination for medical and dental tourism, and offers world class and accredited health care and dental services. I live in Bangkok and the hospitals and dental clinics I've used put their American counterparts to shame for the facilities and costs for the procedures...

How to become a dentist in NYC?
mmm honestly it is a long way to go, but you've got options. First, you could go the easy way and become a hygienist. Second, to become a dentist, you would have to first get a degree at a Community College or University in Biology or health Sciences, and then to Dentists' School. Idk if as...

Any dentist in grand rapids,mi?
Hi Im a dentist do you have an email address? Are you in pain? Are you missing teeth or are they just badly decayed?