Q: What is Charlottesville, VA known for?

A:The obvious answer is UVA and all things Thomas Jefferson, but you might not know that the Dave Matthews Band got its start there. Foxfield, Boar's Head Inn, a...Read More »


Q: What is the population of Charlottesville VA?

A:According to census.gov, the 2007 ACS population estimate for Charlottesville, Virginia, is. 41,228.Read More »


Q: What is parking like in Charlottesville, VA?

A:Depends on where in Charlottesville you are. Around the Corner (near the UVA campus) and the Downtown Mall, street parking is somewhat limited, but there is gar...Read More »


Q: Where is the Target in Charlottesville, VA?

A:Target Charlottesville, 3284 Seminole Trl, Charlottesville, VA 22911.Read More »


Q: What malls are there in Charlottesville, VA?

A:Barracks Road Mall on 1115 Emmet Street North, Charlottesville, VARead More »


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Charlottesville, Virginia 22911. Phone: 434-817-1817.Fax: 434-817-.When Charlottesville City and Albemarle County School Systems are both closed, Children s Dentistry of Charlottesville will be closed. If either school system is open on .
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