Q: What are the hidden gems in La Verne, CA?

A:I'm not sure what kinds of "hidden gems" you are looking for, but Taste of Asia on Foothill is a pretty good Thai fusion restaurant. And Mrs. Nelson's Toys and...Read More »


Q: What are the best bars in La Verne, CA?

A:T Phillips: lots of beers on tap and a full bar.Read More »


Q: Where is La Verne, CA located?

A:La Verne is located in the 2nd district of Los AngelesRead More »


Q: What is the elevation of la verne ca?

A:The elevation of La Verne, CA is 1160 feet. The city population is: 33185Read More »


Q: Are there any Pizza in La Verne CA?

A:La Verne Pizza Co. 3836 Emerald Ave, La Verne, CA, 91750Read More »


dentist in la verne ca

Dentist in La Verne - La Verne Dental Group provides general dentistry in La Verne, make your next family dentist appointment at La Verne Dental Group. La Verne, CA 91750. Looking for a family dentist in La Verne, CA? You re in the right .
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Dental Care of La Verne.Zoom Whitening Family Dentistry Contact.2325 Foothill Boulevard, La Verne, California 91750 (MAP IT) - (909) 237-8100. Website .
Daniel Huigens, D.D.S. provides caring, gentle, honest, high-quality general and cosmetic dentistry for all ages at affordable prices in La Verne, Ca and its .
Welcome to the Practice of Roger M. Hanawalt, DDS, Esthetic Restorative Dentistry in La Verne, CA. Our goal to provide each patient with the highest quality .
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Do Canadians get free prescription medication under their "universal health care' system?
This varies from one part of the country to another as health is administered provincially. I live in a part of the country where I get free prescription medication (as I have a chronic illness). In most parts of the country, people have to pay a percentage of the bill. Where my mother lives...

WELLCARE/PeachCare For Kids:?
Yes, PeachCare for kids is welfare from the state. You must be poor to qualify. However, you are not poor enough to get it for free like some people do. The doctors don't like it because it pays them pennies on the dollar. Many doctors won't even accept it or they'll limit the number of people...

Have there been any significant advances in dentistry over the last 10-20 years?
Lots! Aside from the ones already mentioned, they now have computer controlled anaesthesia for those of you that are terrified of the needle, this system lets anaesthesia into the area applied one drp at a time, no more pain. They have laser machine to diagnose teeth to see if it has a cavity...

Dental Assistants - question about schooling...?
Tell her to not freak out...dentist don't necessarily always want accredited DA's. I know of dentist who have assistants that were hired right off the street and received OJT (on the job training) She will be fine as long as she has a desire for the field and is a dependable worker. Good Luck

Any good dentists in Thailand (preferably Bangkok)?
I had my teeth last worked on in Bangkok for a cleaning in 2006, though I have not returned to visit thailand since 2007 unfortunately. I had Dr. Nisna Khemtong work on me for cleaning and a filling for a couple visits during 2005-2006. She was quite good fast and gentle. Though I don't...