Q: How to Find a Dentist That Accepts Medicaid.

A:1. Visit the Medicare website, Medicare.gov. Click the "Facilities & Doctors" tab. 2. Click the "Find A Doctor" link to access the Healthcare Provide Directory....Read More »


Q: How to Find a Pediatric Dentist Who Accepts Medicaid.

A:1. Search federal government resources. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) maintains a national list of health care providers who accept Medic...Read More »


Q: What dentist in Idaho accepts Medicaid?

A:Hillside Dentistry is accepting Medicaid patients. Their contact informationRead More »


Q: What dentist in florida accepts medicaid?

A:I can't say for your state, but I've seen online (while looking for the same thing here) that very few states actually seem to provide dental for adults through...Read More »


Q: What are some local dentists that accept medicaid?

A:Armstrong Jeffery w DDS is a Dentist in Ottawa Ks who acceptsRead More »


dentist in macon ga that accept medicaid

Results 1 - 30 of 182 . HomeMacon, GAPediatric Dentists That Accept Medicaid.We Gladly Accept Medicaid.3706 Mercer University DrMacon, GA 31204.
Find Medicaid Dentists in Macon, Georgia (GA), help from a Macon Medicaid Dentist.for Medicaid Dentists in Macon (or Macon Dentists who accept Medicaid), .
Call your local dentist for kids and parents in Macon, GA today. Accepting Tricare, ACS Medicaid, Amerigroup, Peach State.
May 17, 2015 | 2614 Cherokee Avenue, Macon, GA 31204 | (478) 743-3583. We accept most major medical/dental insurance, including Medicaid, up to age .
Dentist Accepting new patients. 1918 Forsyth St Macon, GA 31201.care provider and is managed by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).
Georgia dentists Find public supported Federally funded Medicaid dentists or specialists cosmetic implant dentistry.Small Smiles Dental Centers of Macon
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