Q: What is a good dentist in Pasadena, Texas that takes medicaid tha...

A:Summit Dental Center acceptsRead More »


Q: When to see a Pasadena dentist

A:Regular dental check-ups are important. Also visit a dentist if you have: A toothache - this may be stimulated by dental decay. Bleeding gums - this may be caus...Read More »


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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you're in for a headache if you're trying to find a dentist that accepts Medicaid. I know this from personal experience because I'm on BadgerCare too. There are children's dentists in WI that accept Medicaid, but if you're an adult, you're pretty much...

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The previous repliers gave some great ansers. I just wanted to add a few extra things for you to try. I am by no means advising that you should not have the root scaling done because I am not a dentist. I just want to suggest things that have worked for me to improve my oral health. First...

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Your dentist or oral surgeon should be able to evaluate this as part of the standard post-operative care they offer after the wisdom tooth extraction. I would call them and explain you are in pain and would like them to take another look. If that does not work and they want to charge you, go...

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Holistic dentist? What the heck... ANY and ALL Dentist, can remove Amalgam fillings. It's not a speciality procedure. It's an everyday job, we (they) all do. Just go to a Dentist, tell him your wanting the Metal fillings out and replaced with Composites (tooth colored fillings). Some insurances...