Q: Dentist in or near Plainfield, IL

A:I go to Dr Lanette Disera in Joliet on Jefferson St near the Joliet Airport. She is great and trustworthy . Once after a cleaning and xrays another dentist at t...Read More »


Q: Looking for Pediatric Dentist - Plainfield,IL

A:We love Dr David Jones (Small Smiles) and it was worth the wait (call now as there is a waiting list and it took us 6 monthes)... My oldest who has a fear of de...Read More »


Q: Where is Plainfield IL, US?

A:It is in northern Illinois about 38 miles west ofRead More »


Q: What is the zipcode for Plainfield, IL?

A:60544 is the zip code for Plainfield, IL. !Read More »


Q: Are there SUBWAY in Plainfield IL?

A:Yes. 15515 S Route 59 # 200, Plainfield, IL, 60544 -2774Read More »


dentist in plainfield il

Plainfield Dental has been serving your dental needs since 1968. Our kind and caring staff are always available to help with all dental concerns.Location. 15210 S. Rt 59, Planifield IL 60544. Map .
Meet Dr. Justin Ahoyt at Ahoyt Family Dental near Naperville,IL Get quality dental care near Plainfield, IL Win prizes from Ahoyt Family Dental in 60544 Meet Dr.
Home page for pediatric dentist Dr. Thomas Maurice in Plainfield, Illinois and the surrounding cities of Joliet and Naperville, IL.
Plainfield dentist, Heritage Grove Family Dental is a local, trusted dental practice offering general and cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, implants, veneers .
Welcome to the website of Dental Associates of Plainfield! We have been providing quality and affordable dental care in the Plainfield, IL community for over 20 .
Looking to take care of your dental work in Plainfield, IL? Plainfield Dental Care offers general dentistry, laser gum treatment, implants, and more. Locations - Treatments - Blog - As Seen On TV
Popular Q&A

Would a dentist be of use in an emergency/disaster/survival situation as an MD/DO might be?
I think that you have it right when you say that he would be of no help. Dentistry is quite different than medical school. However, if there was a nerve problem in the face, or someone needed a tooth extracted, then he may come in handy!

How will Obamas Health Care Plan effect dentist's salaries? ?
in some socialized countries like germany, their subsidized health care plan has driven down doctors' wages so much that fewer people go into the medical field. I remember reading that their wages were something like $50K. However, in the UK they make as much as the US doctors. Dental care...

Dentist cleaning teeth before braces?
They clean your teeth before having braces put on because they want to make sure you don't have any plaque on your teeth that can turn into decay/cavities when they glue on the brackets. The brackets are going to stay on your teeth for a long period of time. I don't know how they clean your...

For Dentists, Can u tell me about the transition to dental school?
It's harder than college, so prepare to study hard. I was unpleasantly surprise by some of the tests during that first term. The DAT? Study hard for that too as schools look closely at it. Best to take a preparation class like Kaplan.

How much will it hurt when the dental anaesthetic wears off, after root canal treatment?
I underwent a root canal last week and two injections after the treatment. it didn't hurt, but just felt a little uncomfortable. Hurt a wee bit afterwards for a couple of days but not terribly bad. I must admit that my Dentist was too good and friendly, he did a magic and i would refer all...