Q: Dentist in or near Plainfield, IL

A:I go to Dr Lanette Disera in Joliet on Jefferson St near the Joliet Airport. She is great and trustworthy . Once after a cleaning and xrays another dentist at t...Read More »


Q: Looking for Pediatric Dentist - Plainfield,IL

A:We love Dr David Jones (Small Smiles) and it was worth the wait (call now as there is a waiting list and it took us 6 monthes)... My oldest who has a fear of de...Read More »


Q: Where is Plainfield IL, US?

A:It is in northern Illinois about 38 miles west ofRead More »


Q: What is the zipcode for Plainfield, IL?

A:60544 is the zip code for Plainfield, IL. !Read More »


Q: Are there SUBWAY in Plainfield IL?

A:Yes. 15515 S Route 59 # 200, Plainfield, IL, 60544 -2774Read More »


dentist in plainfield il

Plainfield Dental has been serving your dental needs since 1968. Our kind and caring staff are always available to help with all dental concerns.Location. 15210 S. Rt 59, Planifield IL 60544. Map .
Meet Dr. Justin Ahoyt at Ahoyt Family Dental near Naperville,IL Get quality dental care near Plainfield, IL Win prizes from Ahoyt Family Dental in 60544 Meet Dr.
Home page for pediatric dentist Dr. Thomas Maurice in Plainfield, Illinois and the surrounding cities of Joliet and Naperville, IL.
Plainfield dentist, Heritage Grove Family Dental is a local, trusted dental practice offering general and cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, implants, veneers .
Welcome to the website of Dental Associates of Plainfield! We have been providing quality and affordable dental care in the Plainfield, IL community for over 20 .
Looking to take care of your dental work in Plainfield, IL? Plainfield Dental Care offers general dentistry, laser gum treatment, implants, and more. Locations - Treatments - Blog - As Seen On TV
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What are inlays and onlays?
to me? they are gimmick my colleages use to generate more income, in the higher income zip codes. I've been practicing 5 years, I have placed 3 inlays- 2 of which have failed. I've replaced more than 10 placed at other offices. They make more money for me, but why do an inlay or onlay when...

Which is better delta or care credit?
They are two different things. Care Credit is a revolving credit account to pay for dental services. Delta Dental Patient Direct, is a membership only discount plan where, if you see a dentist in the Delta Direct network, your care is provided at a discount. However, payment for that treatment...

Free dental clinics near teaneck nj?
I don't know NJ well, but they do have a dental school (UMDNJ). All dental school clinics offer care at around 25-30% of what a private dentist charges. Also, most take Medicaid so if you get on that, a lot of the care will be free. If you can make it into NYC there are also two dental schools...

Toddler dental question, see through spot on tooth?
It is good that you are going to see the dentist next week. Unfortunately, many family dentists are not familiar with problems with toddlers' teeth. I hope yours is. I have worked in pediatric dentistry for 30 years and have seen many problems missed or misdiagnosed. Children can have thin...

What does gum disease do?? Can dentists stop it before its too late? PLEASE answer all....?
Yes, it sounds like you are a hypochondriac, as you say. But you should go to the dentist and have your teeth checked out. Your smoking could be hurting your gums. Still, the odds at your age are that you do not have gum disease. But if you do, it is very treatable, unless you wait too long...