Q: I am looking for a good dentist in Torrance, CA?

A:La Boca Bella Dr. Bernadette Dunlap (310) 316-0555 She's reallllllly gentle and has state of the art facility, with xrays that pop up on screen right in front o...Read More »


Q: Dentist - Torrance, CA

A:Hello E.! I am so sorry you are having such horrible experiences with dentists here in the south bay. I, too, live in the south bay, but my family (me, my husba...Read More »


Q: Seeking Good Dentist in South Bay/Torrance

A:Our whole family goes to the Yagasaki Dental Center and we really love it there! It's very clean and they take panaramic xrays so most of the time you don't hav...Read More »


Q: My daughter and grand daughter have Ectodermal DYSPLASIA .We need...

A:Yep... 1-800-dentist... their ONLINE website can help, too. Have a healthy day. Source(s): http://www.1800dentist.com/?s_kwcid=TC-1…Read More »


Q: Any suggestions for dentists and Dental insurance within Torrance...

A:YOu are not the only person who hold ever met this kind of problem,I met this type of problem before.I enjoy good experience here http://www.HealthInsuranceFree...Read More »


dentist in torrance

Find Dentists such as Dental Associates Of Torrance, Magicland Dental Group Of Torrance, Assure Dental Of Torrance, West Coast Dental Group Of Torrance, .
Looking for a dentist in Torrance CA, Gardena, Carson or surroundings? Look no further! It is imperative you have an experienced, friendly dentist you trust.
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One day crowns are part of our same-day dentistry promise at Torrance Dental Arts. Get a perfect smile in one visit - or it s free.
Torrance Dentist, Dr. Gary J. Schmid is a dental professional dedicated to General, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry such as Exams, Cleanings, Makeovers, Dental .
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You might try going to a dental clinic that is affiliated with a dental school in your area. I've never gone to a private practice dentist in my whole life. I have always gone to the University of Texas Health Science Center Dental Faculty Practice clinic. They are the most honest because they...

How do you find a dentist who is affordable (no insurance)?
Calling up dentists in your area isn’t a bad idea, actually. Make sure that you tell them you’ll be paying cash. That might get you a discount off their regular charge. Call at least a half dozen to get a good idea of the going rate in your area. I do have a resource for you, however. Healthcare...

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Dental Pain Complex Situation Requires Expertise If you've ever experienced dental pain, you know it isn't something to be taken lightly. In fact, most people can't take it at all! That's why it's so important to understand the basics of tooth pain, so that you can take quick action at the...

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I, too, was in your situation more than a year ago and was apprehensive about choosing my major. I went the sciences route because I am mathematically inclined. You should do the same. If dentistry is your thing then go with it. Do not worry about the monetary aspect because it will only bog...

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