Q: What is the the name of the dentist office on hwy 17 in Supply, N...

A:Brush Dental Care. They are located at 988 OceanRead More »


Q: How to Open a Dentist Office.

A:1. Determine your budget before you make any purchases or decisions. Write out a list of all expenses you will have just to open the office. Include rent, utili...Read More »


Q: How to Design a Dentist Office.

A:1. Position an inviting waiting area and reception desk towards the front of the office to make all patients feel comfortable as soon as they walk in the door. ...Read More »


Q: How to Recycle Office Supplies

A:1 Ask for a budget to introduce office recycling. While many domestic recycling programs are free, or at a very low cost, companies generally charge a higher pr...Read More »


Q: Help me save money on supplies at my dentist office?

A:For controlling costs on supplies & services any business needs to shop around. You want quality at a reasonable cost (not necessarily the cheapest) See if you ...Read More »


dentist office supplies

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CSI las Vegas on Thursday? Is there going to be a continuation?
No it ended.....it ended with the fact that they got the guy which was the dentist but he wasnt going to help them figure out who the ladies were that he killed. No they werent.

My dentist wont answer an emergency call. can anyone recommend a dentist in el cajon ca area?
Sorry can't help you there but I had an abscess and just went to the ER and they can take care of it there, they will clean it and give you IV antibiotics and pain meds. If you can afford to just go to the emergency room.

Is there a difference in wage, Dental Assistant or Dentist Office Receptionist?
Hello..Ok let me offer you this analogy..Who do you think should be given the higher salary in say a Law office, the receptionist who answers the phone and sets appointments, or the executive secretary who takes dictation and creates contracts and legal forms and agreements with legal knowledge...

Why don't dentists recommend Vitamin D or more sunshine to reduce cavities instead of fluoride?
Cities actually buy fluoride from coal plants and chemical manufacturers, where it would normally have to be disposed of as a toxic waste chemical if it wasn't sold to towns and cities to be dumped into the water supply. This fluoride byproduct of chemical processing is so toxic that it's a...

Why dont dentist take public aid?
No..they cannot say anything indecent like that.....they do accept public aid / medicaid at community health care centers....