Q: How to Travel to Quebec City, Canada.

A:1. Brush up on your French or take a French/English dictionary or translation app for your smartphone. Most road signs in Quebec are in French only. The majorit...Read More »


Q: Who founded quebec city?

A:Quebec City was officially founded by. Samuel de Champlain, on July 3. rd. 1608. And if you can do simple math.That was 400 Years ago in 2008. and if you update...Read More »


Q: Where is Quebec city?

A:how many far Quebec from Toronto SaveRead More »


Q: What is the address of Quebec City?

A:G1A to G2NRead More »


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Nerve damage from the dentist?
Yes, it can be nerve damage, but also, as the other poster said, it can be due to a sinus problem. So called "modern dentistry" may be modern, but that does not mean it's perfect by any means. Many diseases and problems with the body are caused by dentistry. The aniline chemicals they use...

Can I be a US armed forces dentist?
http://www.goarmy.com/amedd/dental/corps... DENTAL CORPS REQUIREMENTS To qualify for an Officer appointment in the Army Dental Corps, you must: * * Be a United States citizen http://www.navy.com/careers/healthcare/#... To qualify for Active Duty employment consideration in any of the Corps...

What dentists do and what is their duty?
Well a dentist is a person who is trained and licensed to practice dentistry. dentistry is he science concerned with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases of the teeth, gums, and related structures of the mouth and including the repair or replacement of defective teeth. from...

I have noticed something interesting. Often when we see people who live in Europe on TV, we notice that?
No we brush and do as much as you I'll bet. I can only speak for myself, but here (UK) we have something called the NHS and as a result of being in it people get some free and lower cost basic dental care and hygeine treatments. There are also private practices (that cost much more money) here...

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