Q: Who are the Top dentists in Salt Lake City?

A:Salt Lake Smiles 9217 S Redwood Rd Suite C West Jordan, UT 84088 (801)Read More »


Q: Are there any emergency dentists in Salt Lake City UT?

A:911 Emergency Dental is located at 1345 E 3900 S Suite 116 inRead More »


Q: Good dentist in the Salt Lake City area?

A:Dr. Adam McLachlan is good at Murray Park Dental. He is my dentist and I've been very happy. He did a free consult for me before I became a patient. The office ...Read More »


Q: Does anyone know of a dentist in the salt lake city, utah area th...

A:Hmm if it's hurting you the cavity's gotten to the root and you'll probably need a root canal. A root canal is about 1,000-1,500. If you can't afford a root can...Read More »


Q: How to float in the great salt lake?

A:1. Travel. north of salt Lake City for about 45 minutes on Interstate 15. get off on Antelope Drive, which is exit 332. Look for the brown signs that direct you...Read More »


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Popular Q&A

Dentist wants to removal wisdom teeth?
I had all my wisdom teeth removed when I was a teenager, under anesthesia. If you are this anxious, and I think that's normal, ask for a referral to an oral surgeon. Oral surgeons can use sedation so you won't be awake. My dentist has never asked me if I need medication before seeing him...

How can I whiten my teeth without a dentist?
I'm a dentist so I generally recommend getting them whitened professionally in a dentists office but I know how expensive it can be so here are some cheaper ways you can whiten at home. 1) Use whitening toothpastes after 4 times a day but brush LIGHTER so you don't ruin your gums. Using baking...

Can someone point out at least one double blind study showing the effectiveness of fluoride on cavities?
Everything is dangerous is sufficient quantities. Yes, small children (less than 5-7) should avoid flouride, as it could cause the outer-surface of their adult teeth (which is then forming) to become discolored, but that is cosmetic and can be fixed. Yes, *enormous amounts* of flouride may...

Exceptional dentists in Tijuana? Or other parts of Mexico?
Don't allow a Mexican dentist to work on your teeth. If you live in the USA pay a well trained dentist who cares about keeping his practice and his patients. Don't risk your teeth on some charlatan in Mexico. I live in Mexico and have never seen a competent dentist here. Believe it or not....

Im pregnant and found out my baby will be born with cleft lip. Can anyone in NC or SC recommend a surgeon?
Congrats on your pregnancy! You'll want to find a cleft team and not just a surgeon.. * an audiologist (who assesses hearing)- * a surgeon (such as a plastic surgeon, an oral/maxillofacial surgeon,a craniofacial surgeon, or a neurosurgeon)- * a pediatric dentist or other dental specialist...