Q: Who are the Top dentists in Salt Lake City?

A:Salt Lake Smiles 9217 S Redwood Rd Suite C West Jordan, UT 84088 (801)Read More »


Q: Are there any emergency dentists in Salt Lake City UT?

A:911 Emergency Dental is located at 1345 E 3900 S Suite 116 inRead More »


Q: Good dentist in the Salt Lake City area?

A:Dr. Adam McLachlan is good at Murray Park Dental. He is my dentist and I've been very happy. He did a free consult for me before I became a patient. The office ...Read More »


Q: Does anyone know of a dentist in the salt lake city, utah area th...

A:Hmm if it's hurting you the cavity's gotten to the root and you'll probably need a root canal. A root canal is about 1,000-1,500. If you can't afford a root can...Read More »


Q: How to float in the great salt lake?

A:1. Travel. north of salt Lake City for about 45 minutes on Interstate 15. get off on Antelope Drive, which is exit 332. Look for the brown signs that direct you...Read More »


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Every board-certified pediatric dentist at Salt Lake Pediatric Dentistry in Utah serves clients from Cottonwood Heights, Holladay, Milcreek, & Murray.
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