Q: What is the phone number for the dentist at sears at castleton ma...

A:Castleton Square dentist Inside Sears:Read More »


Q: How do you relieve intense, searing teeth and gum pain before goi...

A:I'm going through some of that myself, and in fact have an appointment with my dentist later today. NSAIDS are anti-inflammatory drugs that can bring down gum s...Read More »


dentist sears

Sears Family Dental. Phone 937-433-1494. Location Inside Sears, Lower Level. Store Manager: Are you a store manager for Sears Family Dental? Click here to .
Sears Dental Service at Eastgate Mall :: 513.753.8700 :: Affordable family dental care (Cincinnati, OH 45245)
Sears Dental offers general dentistry, orthodontics, preventative, cosmetic dentistry and denture services. Products: cosmetic dentistry, denture services, general .
Dr. Laurie Schumacher welcomes you to her dental practice. Your health and comfort are always the top priority. We are confident in providing our patients .
Laurie Schumacher DDS, a dental practice in the Sears Tower in Chicago, IL specializing in cleanings, veneers, Lumineers, Invisalign, onlays and implant .
Dentist in Concord CA offers affordable dentistry for adults and children in state- of-the-art comfort. Call us today at (925) 265-8413 and have your free .
Choose DentalWorks for affordable dentists and request your appointment. Select DentalWorks practices located inside Sears® also accept the Sears card. Search | DentalWorks - Online Bill Pay - Contact Us - HIPAA Privacy
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Silver amalgam fillings are half mercury, so yes they are bad. The exposure is from breathing the mercury which becomes vapor at body temperature. The mercury deposits throughout the body. But I would not rush out to get your fillings replaced unless you can afford to do so. If you do start...

Handicapped laws re avaliability of dental care for quadraplegics?
I'm a dentist. I can understand your frustration. I've encountered many situations like yours before (people unable to find a dentist willing to treat them), especially when I was doing my surgery internship. Many general dentists would send patients like your son to us to take to the operating...

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Salt lake city dentist who accepts medicaid?
You can call up the medicaid insurance provider and ask them to send you a list of participating providers to choose from.