Q: What is Attwods in Shawnee, OK?

A:Attwoods 716 W Ayre Street, Shawnee, OK 74801. The phone number is (405) 275-5000. No ...Read More »


Q: What county is shawnee, ok?

A:Shawnee is a city in Pottawatomie County.Read More »


Q: Who is from shawnee ok?

A:I'm not, but I think the pop singer Nick Hayze was originally from thereRead More »


Q: How many miles from Wichita ks to shawnee ok?

A:Approximately 192 miles via highway.Read More »


Q: Why is 140 closed near shawnee ok

A:140 is closed near Shawnee, Ok because there is a motor vehicle accident - injury at 817 N Beard Ave, Shawnee, OK.Read More »


dentist shawnee ok

Shawnee Dentist, Dr. Eric Hopkins, has a general dentistry practice in Shawnee, OK. His Shawnee dental practice focuses on quality cosmetic dentistry, .
Office of Dr. Brian Drew. Located in Shawnee, Oklahoma, we are a dental practice specializing in general dental treatment.
Find Dentists such as My Dentist - Shawnee, Absentee Shawnee Tribal Office, Luman, Jack C DDS, Drew, Rebecca DDS, and Fletcher, Jennifer in Shawnee, OK.
Dr. Scot Shadid is a well-trained Shawnee Dentist providing excellent.of information about our practice, procedures we provide, and dentistry in general.
Your dentist provides patients in the Shawnee area with the high quality, personalized dental care that you.Welcome to your dental home in Shawnee, OK!
Mickey Sehorn, DDS and Chrissy Henry, DDS - Mickey Sehorn and Chrissy Henry, DDS - Shawnee, OK 74804 - Dr. Mickey Sehorn and Dr. Chrissy Henry .
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About cosmetic dentistry (zirconia crowns and dental implants)?
You need to work with your dentist on this one, he should be able to suggest what crown material to use. The major factor in deciding is what the lab they use is familiar with. Zirconia is only the abutment material, which is they laminated with porcelain. As far a grafting material, that...

Teeth extraction?
You don't mention how old you are, and which tooth. It all matters. Baby teeth have no roots, therefore, the extraction is very very simple and painless, the worse is the pinch for about 2 seconds from the lidocaine injection. If this is an adult tooth, with no cavity's, then, again, no pain...

My 4 yr. old has really bad breath. We have tried new toothpaste, dentist, and pediatrician. What to do?
Other than teeth and gum issues, the next thing to look at is the intestinal flora & dehydration. Give the child lots of water, but not chlorinated or fluorinated. There are several issues here. The first is to make sure NOT to give the child ANY vaccinations. The inner lumen of the intestine...

How long does the father of my child have to pay for University forher -to b a dentist?
The following states have laws or case law that give courts the authority to order a non-custodial parent to pay for some form of college expenses: Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi...