Q: What is the Average wage for dentist?

A:UK WAGES- 28,000 to 45,000 as a salaried wage when employed BY the nhs e.g. community dentist or salaried GDP, can be higher if reach senior post. 35,000-115,00...Read More »


Q: What Is the Average Hourly Wage for a Dentist?

A:Patients typically see general dentists before any other types to diagnose and treat tooth problems. These dentists can then refer more complex conditions to sp...Read More »


Q: What is the average wage of a dentist?

A:In the US, the median salary for a dentist is $135,278 a year. Thanks forRead More »


Q: What is the HOURLY wage for a dentist assistant?

A:In a report dated May 2007, the median hourly wage for a dentist assi...Read More »


Q: Can dentist garnish your wages?

A:yes..Read More »


dentist wage

Some dentists choose to work in salaried posts in the Community Dental Service (CDS), known in.Salaries in the CDS/SPDCS range from Ј38,095 to Ј81,480.
A Dentist earns an average salary of AU$96639 per year. Most people move on to other jobs if they have more than 20 years experience in this career. Pay for . Sydney - Entry-Level - Melbourne - Mid-Career
View salary range, bonus & benefits information for Dentist jobs in the United States or search by specific US and Canadian cities and towns. View open .
Find out more about the average dentist salary and learn where the best-paying metropolitan areas are for a dentist across the country.
This page outlines the pay for dentists from 1st April 2015. NHS dentists. Most NHS dentists working in dental practices are self-employed contractors. The profit .
Industry, Employment (1), Percent of industry employment, Hourly mean wage, Annual mean wage (2). Offices of Dentists, 88,280, 10.01, $81.42, $169,360.
Dentists diagnose and treat problems with a patient s teeth, gums, and related parts of the.The median annual wage for dentists was $149,310 in May 2012.
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Does Denti-cal for pregnant women cover dental cleanings?
Your OB is right and the dentists you spoke to are wrong. Denti-Cal does cover cleanings for women eligible for pregnancy-related services. You can refer them to http://www.denti-cal.ca.gov/provsrvcs/bu... for the bulletin that describes the benefits available to you. Bob Isman, DDS, MPH Dental...

Hi, do anyone think that cosmetic dentistry can ensure long lasting white teeth ? Is it safe to undergo this?
Hi Rohit My aunt who also stays in Vancouver had the same problems a year ago. She had the habit of eating spicy foods which resulted in acid reflux. Repeated occurrence of acidity causes eroding of enamel and leaves yellow stains on the teeth. I visited to her place in the last winter and...

What toothpaste do dentist really recommend?
my dentist recommend "ORAMD" THE MOUTH DOCTOR. It is a very good toothpaste to fight gingivitis and kill hidden bacteria. Check it out at http://www.oramd.com

I wang to be a dentist and need help about what subjects do i need for a dentist?
In college you need to take a year of calculus, year of biology, year of inorganic chemistry, year of organic chemistry, and a year of physics. There is a standardized Dental Admissions Test that is given, as well. Good luck!

I got a goodie bag of contraceptions there one I dont know what it is for, its a latex sheet?
It's a dental dam. It's to be safe during oral sex on a female. You put it over your mouth and keep it between your mouth and the fluids of the other person so you don't get any diseases. It gets the name from a similar piece of material used by dentists during some dental procedures.