Q: Are there any Prosthodontists & Denture Centers Dental Clinics De...

A:Bothwell Bruce L DDS 2238 Santa Clara Ave, , Alameda, CA, 94501Read More »


Q: Dentists in fremont, ca who take medical Alameda alliance?

A:No other dentists take that medical in Fremont sorryRead More »


Q: What is Alameda, CA known for?

A:Home of historic aircraft carrier. USS Hornet (CV-12) now a museum. The. Hornet. commissioned during WWII, later recovered the Apollo 11 CM and has exhibits on...Read More »


Q: What is it like to live in Alameda, CA?

A:What I like to tell friends is Alameda is a little like somebody picked up a strip of Iowa in 1958, then dropped it into the San Francisco Bay. I joke that the...Read More »


dentists in alameda ca

Your local dentists in Alameda, CA provide quality and affordable dental care for the entire family. Schedule an appointment with an Alameda dentist today!
At Alameda Family Dental Practice, your oral health and comfort is our. Alameda Family Dental Practice is located in Alameda, CA, off of Highway 880 at the .
Find Dentists such as Philip Gruell, DDS, Kenneth Terry Pratt DDS, Donald Melvan Brown DDS, Gruell, Phillip DDS, and Amy K Lee DDS in Alameda, CA.
The Best Dentists in Alameda on Yelp. Read about places like: Finn H Tonsberg, DDS, Corazon Manaloto, DDS, Amy K Lee, DDS, Rene Bagus, DDS, Andrew .
Alameda cosmetic dentist, James R. Hinkle, welcomes you to our Alameda.info @alameda-dentist.com 2229 Santa Clara Avenue, Suite D Alameda, CA 94501.
Reviews on Dentist reviews in Alameda, CA Finn H Tonsberg,DDS, Alameda Family Dental Practice, Andrew Rowe, DDS, Gerald G Gelle, DDS, Galera Barbara, .
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Best teeth whitening method?
HI, I have always had problems with faint yellow teeth. In fact everyone in my family has this problem. I have tried every product that exists along with frequent visits to dentists. Dentists have always told me that my teeth are good but I was never happy with the color. Using peroxide or...

Who invented the tooth brush?
•The nylon-bristle toothbrush is a descendant of the "chew stick," a twig with a frayed end of soft fibers that was rubbed against the teeth to clean them. Chew sticks have been found in Egyptian tombs dating to 3000 B.C.E. •The first bristled toothbrush, made from bristles plucked from the...

Dentistry as a career?
Hello Panda Bear First off, nice name PANDA BEAR!. Secondly, considering that your in year 8 i doubt very much that you will stick to a Dentistry career when you go through college. But when you do get thorough college and into university and still want to be a Dentist then good on ya. To do...

Where is the cheapest place to rent a house or apartment in Ontario?
While it is quite cheap to find houses to buy or rent in many small Northern Ontario towns, that aren't considered in Cottage Country or prime vacation spots, the cost of living is higher. Groceries are much more expensive. Gas.....and while each small town with a population over 1000 usually...

Would a dentist pull this tooth?
The best way to restore a tooth is a crown. It takes an hour, you are numb. Fitted for a crown. Wait 2 weeks for the crown and then have a crown over the tooth. With this, you will at times feel hot/cold/sensitivity if eating something hard(tootsie pop). A removed tooth, will probably hurt...