Q: How many dentists are there in Tijuana?

A:There are plenty of dentists in Tijuana, for that same reason it is important to do your research. I would recommend looking at Bajadentistry, they're a dental ...Read More »


Q: What is the average dentist fee in Tijuana Mexico?

A:It depends on what you're looking for. For example a set of dental implants cost US$500 for a set of porcelain teeth.Read More »


Q: What are reviews of Tijuana Jones ?

A:Funny low budget comedyRead More »


Q: What are reviews of The New Tijuana ?

A:Dated, average and self-promoting documentaryRead More »


Q: How to tell if a Mexican/Tijuana dentist is licensed?

A:Most dentists I've visited in Mexico have the wall of diplomas, just like in the US.Read More »


dentists in tijuana reviews

Welcome to Implant Art Center, your dentist in Tijuana!.Thousands of Americans visit Tijuana Mexico each year for their dental procedures and leave as happy .
Sam Dental is a Tijuana dental clinic located in Mexico, just across the border from San Diego. We offer many dental procedures like Root Canals, Dental.
Results 1 - 12 of 151 . Find Tijuana Dentists. Compare all 151 Dentists in Tijuana, with phone numbers, reviews, prices, maps and pictures. Get quotes fast .
13 Reviews of Smile Tijuana Dentists "I have needed extensive dental work for sometime now- there s no way I could afford to have it done in the US.
Most of our patients, after receiving the excellent attention of our Mexico dentists, return regularly to our Tijuana dental clinic, and have recommended us to all of .
There are probably a lot of good dentists in Tijuana and some bad ones.We want you to feel at ease and to enjoy your trip to Mexico.Dental .
Dentist in Tijuana.Save up to 70% at our Mexico Dental Clinic, compared to US prices. EG Dental is your connection to affordable dentistry! We offer quality .
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Will i be able to work 20 hours a week and do pre-dentistry?
Yes. It is possible. Just start off with a low amount of work hours. If you can handle that then slowly start to add in some hours. You will want your car paid off by the time you get into Dental School. Dental School is a full day. You will not have time to work while in Dental school! :)

Will the emergency dentist be free?
I don't think the emergency one is free, however i had problems and booked a appointment with my dentist for soon as then to my delight found out it wasn't as expensive as i thought it was going to be, but as you have a tax exemption certificate i think your treatment will be free.

Can you recommend an apartment community in Tracy, CA?
My sister lives there,but I don't know that area well. My father owned the dentist office across from the hospital years ago..but I haven't been there often