Q: Does diamond plan allow you to go to the dentist?

A:Call the toll free number for customer service and they will tell you. Source(s): A dentistRead More »


Q: Can I Buy a Diamond and get A dentist put it on one of my braces?

A:that would really sux if it fell off and you choked on it and died. or it went thru ur stomach........... lol i dont think its such a good idea!Read More »


diamond dentist

Call Diamond Dental, Dr. Brent Amaya, DDS at 405-737-6622 now for Midwest City, OK dentist services you can rely on. Now accepting new patients in our .
Diamond Dental Service opened in June 2013. Dr. Alma Lombardo, Lake Zurich dentist, promises superior customer service and new digital dental equipment.
Edmonton dentists at Diamond Dental offer a wide range of services based on your specific needs. Improve your oral health with Dr. Jerrold Diamond & Dr.
Diamond Dental is your Scarsdale, NY family dentistry practice in Westchester providing implants, veneers, crowns, and pediatric care.
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Diamond Dental, general and cosmetic dentistry, a block away from the Glen Park Bart Station, creating radiant smiles.
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Dentists in buffalo ny that accept medicaid?
The Web page below lists dentists in New York State who accept Medicaid. If you scroll down the list, you will find a few that are in Buffalo. http://www.medicaiddentistry.com/newyork... Good luck, and I hope this helps.

Can a general dentist remove wisdom teeth? ?
Yes they can remove wisdom tooth if the tooth is not that difficult to remove. But if the impaction is difficult then he himself will refer you to an oral surgeon. To know about the technique used while removal of the impacted wisdom tooth visit the link...http://www.identalhub.com/dental-what-is...

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I need a dentist but i dont have any money?
Well your only option would be a dental school which will be able to help you, just don't expect to be treated by a real dentist students will be taking care of your needs but don't worry too much they are supervised by a licensed dentist. hope this helps, 3rd Year Dental Student

Which of these are "service" jobs? 10 points!?
nurse housecleaning painter butler accountant dentist