Q: Have anyone used a "Discount Dentist" and their coupons for clean...

A:Had a tooth capped by cheap dental clinic. Never the same dentist. When the cap finally came in, the presiding dentist tried to fit someone else's cap.A few mon...Read More »


Q: What do dentists think of discount plans versus dental insurance?

A:Be cautious about buying a so-called "dental discount plan, often mentioned on Yahoo! since they also have restrictive lists and they really are not dental insu...Read More »


Q: Where can i find a dentist that is certified and will do procedur...

A:see if you have a dental school in your area they do work for cheap! Source(s): dental techRead More »


Q: Should i consider porcelian simply because is it a better materia...

A:Ted, This is a matter of personal preference and some controversy within the dental profession. Here are the facts. Silver fillings are completely safe. In a ...Read More »


Q: No Insurance Need Dentist Offering Cash Discount

A:root canals are very pricey, But go to a good dentist I went to a cheaper dentist years age and now my root canal needs to be done again yahoo . The place I go ...Read More »


discount dentists

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I don't know if these orthodontists are near where you live. I was just trying to look up some for you in Bergen County. Here are a couple, I don't know what they charge, but just trying to help. I also work for a company that offers an affordable discount dental plan for $19.95 a month....

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Hello Zoya, I do not think that without examining your dental condition you will be able to get a true estimate since the treatment varies from patient to patient and dentist to dentist. Here are a few dentists from Karachi, consult them for a good opinion. http://alvidental.com/services/ http://www...

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