Q: Who is Dr. Garza dentist?

A:We find many Dr. Garza's that are dentists. Do you have a first name? City? Garza DentalRead More »


Q: Where is the dentist Dr Kirifides located?

A:Dr. Kathy Kirifides, DDS 1290 Peoples Plaza Newark, DE 19702 (302) 836-3750...Read More »


Q: Why is Dr Rosenfeld not on fox news anymore?

A:While Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld does make appearances on fox news where he presents information on health and medical issues, this is not his actual job and he is o...Read More »


Q: Who is Dr. Jane Fox ?

A:Dante's Peak city council member.Read More »


Q: How good of a dentist is dr ardoin?

A:Dr Ted is awesome and his staff is super sweet. I got fillings done and he did them so fast I was amazed after we were done. I was like that's it?Read More »


dr fox dentist

Family Dental Center of Greenpoint - General and Family Dentistry. When you visit the Greenpoint dental office of Dr. Edward Fox, your smile and your child.
Dentist Dr. Jeffrey H. Fox, DDS and his staff at Fox Dental provides a complete range of family and cosmetic dentistry services. Fox Dental serves Wading River, .
Using cutting edge dental techniques and modern equipment, Dr. Fox insures you get the most effective and comfortable dental care in Kirkland, WA.
Dr. Edward Fox. Dr. Fox was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. He graduated from Brooklyn College cum laude with a B.A. degree in Biology. After graduating .
Dr. Jeffrey H. Fox, DDS and Dr. Keith Vibert DDS are dentists at Fox Dental, serving Wading River and the surrounding areas.
Offering a wide range of cosmetic dentistry options in the Burke and Fairfax, Virginia area, the practice of Dr. Larry T. Fox, DDS can help improve the appearance .
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Can I request for refund on my lumineers that keeps on falling off.?
This is maybe not the answer that you are looking for but for such a long question,I have few other questions for you: which is the most important to you? your and your wife teeth, your money or this friend dentist that has no clue or not much experience on what is doing anyway...if you just...

I need recommendations for a good dentist in San mateo, belmont or San carlos?
There is a free service that helps you find pre-screened dentists depending on where you live. I called them a few weeks ago and I found a good dentist with them. Their number is 1-888-457-0805. They will ask you your dental needs (checkup, cleaning, braces, toothache, wisdom teeth,...), your...

Does anyone know where I can buy water with fluoride?
Monitor Infant's Fluoride Intake If you add fluoridated water to your infant's baby formula, you may be putting your child at risk of developing dental fluorosis, according to the Academy of General Dentistry. Although all water and foods contain some natural fluoride, a baby's developing teeth...

I want lumineers but my dentist says crowns are better.?
lumineers like crowns aren't permanent meaning you will be replacing them in 5 years and they look very fake while crowns don't usually. Lumineers are more expensive but remember you'll be replacing them just like crowns so what's the point? you'll be wasting your money on lumineers because...

Does a dentist have to inform you of price before you have a service done?
When you are back in the dentist chair, the dentist is concerned about your teeth and not so much your wallet. In the middle of a filling, the decay can go to the nerve in a hurry and then you are in to a root canal and a crown(crap) They(the dr and assistant) should stop and go over an informed...