Q: What is the Dr. Sears Elimination Diet?

A:Food allergies occur when the body's immune system reacts to a food that the body believes is harmful and releases antibodies to fight it. Food sensitivities oc...Read More »


Q: Who is Dr Al Sears MD?

A:Dr. Al Sears is a practing Physician doing both traditional and Alternative medicine in South Florida. He has written several articles and books.Read More »


Q: How old is Dr. Jim Sears?

A:34Read More »


Q: How old is Dr Sears on the Doctors?

A:I can not find Dr Jim Sears's age. I did find He earned his medical degree at St.Read More »


Q: Who is Dr. Garza dentist?

A:We find many Dr. Garza's that are dentists. Do you have a first name? City? Garza DentalRead More »


dr sears dentist

Visit Healthgrades for information on Dr. Robert S. Sears, DDS. Find Phone & Address information, medical practice history, affiliated hospitals and more.
Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears visits oral surgeon Dr. Sanda Moldovan live on the show for a real-time wisdom tooth extraction.
Breastfeeding is also usually considered safe following a light anesthesia , which is the type used in dental offices when patients don t want to .
About Dr. Sears. Dr. Brent D. Sears believes that everyone is entitled to a beautiful, Dr. Sears healthy smile and the personal attentiveness that makes you feel .
6 Reviews of Robert S Sears, DDS "MUST GO! We LOVE Dr. Sears! I have sent all 3 of my children to Dr. Sears and they all have beautiful smiles. First of all, Dr.
Sears Dental Works Dr. Brent D. Sears, DMD, PA. 10365 Hood Road South, Suite 102. Jacksonville, FL 32257-3260. Get Directions. Phone: 904.262.7770
Parents worry about their child s dental health, and rightly so. Learn more about what Dr. Peter Sears has to say about sugar and toddler dental .
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Hungary Dental?
I lived in Hungary for several years and always had excellent dental care there. Nothing major, just cleanings, fillings, etc, but I was always pleased with it. Mind you, I went to one of the best private dental clinics in Budapest and so paid top dollar, but even still, it was much less...

Anyone had a younger child that had to get a filling? Did the Dentist use laughing gas? How did they do?
when my son was 3, he needed more than one filling, so they did it at the hospital (they used general anaesthetic). for his follow up appointments, he was given a mild sedative at home before the appointment. since your son is afraid of the noise, i would see another dentist. you can always...

How do dentists treat little kids such as 3 year olds when filling up their cavities?
Seriously why is a dentist filling the cavities that a three year old has? Generally they don't because they are baby teeth and will fall out on their own. Usually they only mess with them if there is an issue like pain, swelling, or an infection. It sounds like everyone in your house could...

Sensitive teeth, dentist no help?
If you have enamel that has been thinned or worn away due to acid erosion then fluoride is the best way to solve the sensitivity problem because fluoride is a natural desensitizer. If the toothpaste does not work then have your dentist give you a prescription for a fluoride rinse. If neither...