Q: How to Find a Good Dentist

A:How do you find a good dentist? Obviously a referral from a family member or friend is probably the best way. But if that is not an option...here are some other...Read More »


Q: What Makes a Good Dentist?

A:Above all else, a good dentist has the talent and manual dexterity needed to be clinically accurate and precise. Much of clinical dental treatment is precision ...Read More »


Q: How to Choose a Good Dentist

A:1 Follow up word of mouth referrals. These play a very important role in making up your mind as to a dentist's suitability. Ad 2 Browse the internet. This will ...Read More »


Q: What is a good dentist in Melbourne?

A:Shujia Cheng in Glen Huntly Rd South Caulfield. a lovely lady, very gentle and a great "bedside manner" I have recommended her to many friends and family.Read More »


Q: How to Find a Good Dentist

A:1 Do your research. Asking your friends and family to recommend a few good dentists to you never hurts. They may know a dentist that they've been visiting for a...Read More »


good dentist in karachi

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Lichen Planus in my mouth-alternatives to steroid treatment?
http://www.lp-tab.com/about_tab.html Hi! I've been in dentistry for over 25 years and this is a true nightmare. This occurs more in women then men and no one really knows what causes it or what to do. The website above has a herbal combination that has helped some of my patients. One true...

Dentist help!!!!!!!!?
I have the exact same problem, extreme phobia of dentists, they wanted to give me nitrous oxcide just to exam my teeth, not even doing any procedures. You can look into sedation dentistry it is fairly common now, only thing it is pricey. So I would try applying to Carecredit before even going...

Affordable Dentistry?
try the dentistry collage they will help in most cases

GCSE requirements for dentistry?
Its true that dentistry is just as, if not more competitive than medicine. Typical A level requirements are AAA (or AAB if you're lucky). Usually the univeristy doesn't specify what subjects you need GCSE grades in. Almost all denitsry courses will require an A or B in maths and english language...

Is there anyplace in MN to get free dental surgery?
The best approach is to search MN Dental Schools - what you get is the following: Costs and Financing The U of M Dental Clinics operate on a fee-for-service basis. Fees vary between our programs based on the type of program and are: Lowest fees are in the Predoctoral and Dental Hygiene programs...