Q: When was your last visit at the government dentist?

A:Never in my life i'll opt for government hospitals nor dentist especially in Malaysia. First of all, the services ain't that good and i doubt most of them are e...Read More »


Q: How much does it cost for teeth whitening at private & government...

A:The standard fee for teeth whitening and teeth bleaching procedures is about $500 in most cases. Costs can vary depending upon the area of the country you live ...Read More »


Q: What is the name of the regulatory authority that governs dentist...

A:It's the Institute of German Dentists (Institut der Deutschen Zahnärzte or IDZ).Read More »


Q: James McGovern dentist francis street Galway

A:James F McGovern, 7 Street, Francis Street, Galway. T: 091Read More »


Q: What branch of government would a dentist would apply for a licen...

A:After required education, graduates must takeRead More »


government dentists

Adult patient eligibility - public sector dental clinics.Public sector oral health services are funded by the government and are provided at no .
Resources on dental services can be found on Victoria Online.
This section of the department s website provides information about the government s dental initiatives. The Child Dental Benefits. - Chronic Disease Dental Scheme
Government subsidies for dental treatment at DB Dental may be available to patients who hold a current Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card.
Department of Health - Government of Western Australia.Dental Health Services provides a range of public dental services across Western Australia. Services .
Government provided information about dental health services and oral health within the state. Dental agencies, professional vacancies, .
There are over 80 community dental clinics located throughout metropolitan Melbourne and rural Victoria. To access services from these clinics, you need to be .
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Milwaukee Dentist office with decent financing?
You could try calling Perry Sukowatey DDS, appears to be right around Mayfair Mall and at least on his website it says "For involved treatment, we provide no-interest financing."

Bachelor of dentistry universities in Canada?
None! Medicine, dentistry, etc, are graduate professional schools. Minimum of bachelors degree required to apply. The trend everywhere is toward upgrading medical, dental, veterinary, etc, credentials. MD is the world standard in medical training, and mbbs is strictly third-rate for third-world...

My filling came out, I have no insurance & not a lot of cash where is a free dentist Near ORLANDO?
If you have Medicaid, call them and ask if there is a dentist in your area who takes Medicaid. You can buy something in the drug store to temporarily hold the filling in, but you could have a serious problem that must be seen right away like an abscess if it hurts a lot. You may need antibiotics...

How much (generally) should root canal cost?
A root canal can cost from 700 up to 1000 dollars, go for a crown if that will work, root canals should be a last result and even then if they don't get it right the nerve may still be sensitive.

Are dentists in the USA dental surgeons, or are there different levels of dentistry?
Mrs. Doyle, There are many US general dentists out there who "do everything" dental for their patients. As a general dentist, we have the license to do all procedures under the scope of dentistry. HOWEVER, the catch is that we are held to the same standard as dental specialists when doing...