Q: Searching for a Grand Rapids Dentist?

A:Call Grand Rapids Dental Care today at 218-326-3438. Let us partner with you to achieve a lifetime of health, happy smiles! Grand Rapids Dental Care 220 SE 21s...Read More »


Q: Searching for a Grand Rapids Dentist?

A:Call Grand Rapids Dental Care today at 218-326-3438. Let us partner with you to achieve a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles! Grand Rapids Dental Care 220 SE 21...Read More »


Q: What is the number for the dentist office in grand rapids michiga...

A:Chambers Dental, 6200 28th Street Southeast Grand Rapids, MI 49546 ... ...MORE...Read More »


Q: Pediatric Dentists in Grand Rapids

A:Finding children's dentists can sometimes be a difficult task. You face a special set of challenges'"you want pediatric dentists who create both a welcome atmos...Read More »


Q: How do people rate Samuel Spraggins DDS | Grand Rapids Dentist?

A:By reviewer on July 25, 2008 at 07:25 PM. 5 star(s) Samuel Spraggins DDS | Grand Rapids DentistRead More »


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Dental Associates is a family dentist serving Wyoming, Kentwood, Caledonia, Grandville and Grand Rapids, Michigan. Call 616-446-5715.
Cascade Cosmetic and Family Dentistry is an experienced team with over 30 years of experience. We offer a full range of services including sedation, implants , .
Our dentist in Grand Rapids MI and caring staff proudly adhere to the philosophy that dentistry should focus on top-quality service, technical expertise and the .
Grand Rapids Dentists Providing Customized Family & Cosmetic Dental Care in Grand Rapids Michigan by Dentist, Dr. David Boone.
For a brighter, healthier smile visit Grand Rapids Dental Care and transform your smile with comprehensive cosmetic, restorative, general, and implant dentistry.
Grand Rapids Dentists at Heritage Hill Dental Provide Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in a Convenient downtown Grand Rapids Location.
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Before the use of the baby bottle, dental decay in baby teeth was rare. Two dentists, Dr. Brian Palmer and Dr. Harold Torney, have done extensive research on human skulls (from 500-1000 years ago) in their study of tooth decay in children. Of course these children were breastfed, probably for...

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Hello to you, too! :) Dental implants are not a covered expense with insurance companies, Met Life included. Log on to MetLife and you should be able to find a participating dentist in your area...this will at least help with the 'regular' work you need. Good luck~

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Billy Taylor was born into a musical family in Greenville, North Carolina, July 24,1921. Billy's mother - Antionette - was an accomplished pianist. His dentist father - William Sr - played bass. His younger brother, Rudolph played sax. The family moved to Washington, D.C. not long after...