Q: What is holistic dentistry

A:Holistic Dentistry is an approach to Dentistry that promotes health... ...MORE...Read More »


Q: What is the purpose of homeopathy in holistic dentistry?

A:natural approach to their practice. The therapy is a safe and natural alternative that is nonaddictive and effective with both adults and children. Homeopathic ...Read More »


Q: How is hypnosis used in holistic dentistry?

A:When hypnosis is used, patients are able to relax their bodies and minds by concentrating on suggestions of relaxation . The patient is fully aware of what is h...Read More »


Q: What is holistic dentistry?

A:Well, yogurt creates (because of the live cultures in it) a hostile environment in your mouth for germs, so eating yogurt is good for getting rid of the grams i...Read More »


Q: What is holistic dentistry?

A:Stay Away from "Holistic Dentistry" Stephen Barrett, M.D. William T. Jarvis, Ph.D. A significant number of dentists have gone overboard in espousing pseudoscien...Read More »


holistic dentistry cavities

A Wikipedia article suggests that the terms holistic dentistry, biologic dentistry,. While praising their diets for not producing cavities, he ignored the fact that .
Secret #5: There s more to good dentistry than filling cavities.The primary aim of this type of holistic dentistry is to resolve your dental .
Holistic dentists use natural therapies (often in combination with conventional ones) to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases of the oral cavity. How did it come .
For example, if a patient comes in and needs a cavity filled, from the holistic dentist s viewpoint, it s not enough to simply fill the cavity and send the patient on .
Beyond holistic dentistry is biochemical dentistry: using the biochemistry of the body to halt cavities without drilling or filling. Biochemical dentistry, or how to heal .
I actually have some cavities that our holistic dentist told me about. After much research, I have decided to avoid having them drilled and filled .
By using a new treatment program, called the Cavity Control Program, some." Before this program, dentists monitored the progression of decay, filled the decay .
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