Q: What Does a Homeopathic Dentist Do?

A:A homeopathic dentist might use arsenicum album to treat bleeding gums. It may be wise to consult a homeopathic dentist if a toothache intensifies or persists. ...Read More »


Q: How Do I Become a Homeopathic Dentist?

A:To become a homeopathic dentist, you will typically have to study traditional and homeopathic dentistry extensively. Most jurisdictions only allow for the pract...Read More »


Q: By 24 years old Scholarship Roomate paid for my nursing, chiropra...

A:I got some random nicca who lovesin Atlanta to pay for my tuition who I only see when I feel obligated. Beat that cuh.Read More »


Q: Can I go to the dentist while I am having homeopathic treatment.

A:Of course you can! It is important that you keep your teeth cleaned and checked regularly and these visits will not affect your homeopathic treatment. If you ar...Read More »


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Biological Dentistry is a Thought Process. We advocate achieving all the goals of modern dentistry while always choosing the safest, least toxic techniques, .
Biological dentists, also known as holistic dentists, believe that your dental health is vital, and avoid amalgam fillings or mercury exposure .
Since 1978, the Holistic Dental Association (HDA) has been providing support and guidance to practitioners of holistic and alternative dentistry Find a Holistic Dentist - About Us - Our Philosophy - Join HDA
A Wikipedia article suggests that the terms holistic dentistry, biologic dentistry, unconventional dentistry, alternative dentistry, and biologic dentistry are "the .
Finding a homeopathic dentist. Dental conditions that often respond well to homeopathy include relief from pain, swelling, bruising, dental phobias, nausea, .
British Homeopathic Dental Association supports the use of homeopathic treatment in dental care - holistic treatment for people.
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Does TheraBreath Plus Teeth Whitening Kit by Dr. Katz work?
This actually does not work well, you have to use too often to see minor results, the best is to go to a dentist and get it done in 1 visit.

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How much will a Dentist cost without insurance?
You can schedule with your dentist and have him/her do a full mouth examination with X-ray. You have no obligation whets so ever to start treatment with the dentist. You have the right to get a treatment plan with overall cost estimate, yet elect not to start any treatment. exam cost varies...

Yes you should take him, I thave taken both of my children to ped. dentists at age 2 with fab results they love the dentist, my daughter (4) fakes tooth pain so she can go (not good) they love their teeth cleaned. Everyone I know hates reg dentists for children they tend to be rude & not...