how can i find a good dentist

Becoming a dentist requires a minimum of two years of predental college.Good dentists take a personal interest in patients and their health.
Looking for a good local dentist? Review this guide to help you choose the best oral healthcare provider so you can have a long-lasting smile.
Search for ADA Member dentists. Find a dentist by typing in your address, city, ZIP Code and filter by distance and Specialty.
There are many reasons for seeking a new dentist. You may have moved to another neighborhood or a different city altogether. Perhaps your current dentist is .
Choosing a dentist and taking care of your oral health is a personal decision. You want a dentist you can talk to, learn from and feel good about visiting. It is best .
You might be new to Delta Dental and want to select an in-network dentist,. Before you can find a dentist, it s a good idea to have some basic criteria that are .
The experts at WebMD offer tips for finding the right dentist for you and your family.Do Your Kids Have Good Dental Habits? Getting the Most Out of Your .
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Tooth pain coming and going...?
Go to the ER or Urgent care, if they're your only resources. Call 1-800-DENTIST and ask for a referral to someone who's doing "pro bono" work in your area, or for the name of a dental clinic. Contact your County health agency. Explain that you're in pain, have no money, no coverage, and want...

Teeth Whitening?
You would be safe doing whitening under the supervision of a dentist. It is very important that a dentist is following the progress of your whitening. Bleach can only damage enamel if EXCESSIVELY used. If you put hydrogen peroxide on your skin, it turns into a white spot.. if you leave it long...

Why do my palatine gums burn and tingle?
There are several reasons. One could be if you ate something hot, spicy or crunchy that irritated your mouth. Could also be from a benign oral condition something like geographic tongue. Also many woman (like me) have this condition from hormonal changes. If you look in your mouth and don't...

I have a dental EMERGENCY, is there an option if you are broke and no insurance in alabama?
Go to the emergency room of a hospital. Most hospitals have to do a certain amount of charity work. You need to knock down the infection before a dentist can do anything.

Friend having multiple metal fillings removed in short period of time.....natural/simple mercury cleanse?
There is indeed mercury in amalgam filling and it is important to try and avoid injesting mercury while getting fillings removed. Ask the dentist to take precautions and attempt to remove the fillings with the least risk of swallowing the debris. I would also amp up on Vitamin C until the fillings...