how does a dentist do a root canal

When dentists perform a root canal, they remove the nerve from the main.root canal filling does leak and bacteria do invade the structure.
Root canal treatment is carried out by your dentist over two or more appointments .Unless.If an infection does return, however, the treatment can be repeated.
If so, our walk-through of root canal treatment will show you what to expect. treatment and can perform root canal procedures, but often a general dentist will .Disclaimer - This website does not engage in any medical services nor does it .
Has your dentist or endodontist told you that you need root canal treatment? If so, you re not alone.How does endodontic treatment save the tooth? During root .
Who does this procedure? Your dentist may do root canal treatment or refer you to an endodontist. An endodontist is a dentist who has completed a university .
You ve heard of root canals, but do you know what the procedure entails? Get WebMD s overview of this dental therapy.
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