Q: Where can I find a dentist who specializes in dental implants in ...

A:They are called Prosthodontists. Prostho from prosthetic meaning artificial. Implants are artificial teeth but when planned and designed well work just as well ...Read More »


Q: How can you find a dentist in Los Algodones Mexico who specialize...

A:Good Dental Office in Los Algodones You might look on the internet. Some of them have web sites. For example Chavira Dental Office (the place i use to go and i ...Read More »


Q: Where is an affortable dentist in east los angeles?

A:As the previous answered said, go to a dental school. They charge fees about half that of a private dentist. Even better for you, there are two dental schools i...Read More »


Q: Are Dentist a high demand in Los Angeles, CA?

A:Dentists in Los Angeles, California are in high demand althoughRead More »


Q: Is there any dentist open on Sunday in Los Angeles?

A:Unless it is your regular dentist, who might come in for anRead More »


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Dr. Amin has completed over 20,000 dental implant/bone grafting & sedation. Part of our commitment to serving our patients in the Burbank, Los Angeles, and .
Affordable dental implants in Los Angeles, California by Dr. David Schlang are to replace lost or damaged teeth. Call today and get your smile back!
Dental Implants. We would like to welcome you to our Implant Dentistry and Periodontics practice. We are one of the centers of Los Angeles Dentistry for .
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If i want to become a dentist, what do i major in college?
Biology, chemistry, biochemistry... Any of those would prepare you. You have major in anything as long as you take care of the all of the classes that you will need to get into dental school, typically: 8 Semester Hours of General Biology (including laboratories) 8 Semester Hours of Inorganic...

La carrera de dentista es facil o dificil? porque?
Anything in the medical field, such as dentistry, would be more difficult. Why, because you have to memorize a lot medical terminology, learn dental surgery, and diseases of the mouth. Doctors make more money and it wouldn't be any harder.

Tips to avoid getting wrinkles?
The sun & too much soaking in the tub or pool = skin's worst enemies. Eating too much sugar, Fruits & vegetables can turn into sugar, not just from pop, candies, etc. causes wrinkles, too! When you noticed yourself squinting or worrying, STOP!. Raising your eyebrows promote wrinkles, too! STOP...

Can anyone recommend a dentist to do rootcanal in nogales sonora mexico?
really i do not mean any disrespect to mexican dentists but as far as i can tell the united states has superior dental care. i have seen many mexicans have their dental work redone here in arkansas. i believe your husband might be taking too high a risk.

Anybody know if the horror stories about Cosmetic Dentistry are true? And how much does it cost?
How long ago did you get the crowns? I would never live with bad crowns, and I would go back to the dentist and have them do them over for FREE. After all they are your front teeth and everybody can see them. A proper crown wont show and should look normal. Why pay for veneers when your real...