Q: What causes white sores in my mouth that the dentist said are ulc...

A:The cause of mouth ulcers is presently unknown,Read More »


Q: How do i make my teeth white without dentists or white-strips?

A:Try a tooth whitening toothpaste, or brush with simpleRead More »


Q: If I get my teeth whitened by the dentist - how long will they st...

A:Not only coffee and smoke, but also wine, juice, and many more will stain teeth, plus your own brushing habits and the toothpaste that you use all makes a big d...Read More »


Q: How to make my teeth white without going 2 the dentist?

A:You can purchase toothpaste that slowly whiten's your teeth over a few weeks or you can buy gel's or caps to leave on your teeth that bleach them white. They're...Read More »


Q: I was told by my dentist to brush softly, which i have been doing...

A:Dear Mike: Odds are, in addition to scrubbing too hard with a harder-than-soft brush, plus scrubbing your gums, you clench your teeth, probably day and night. ...Read More »


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After college in the U.S., should I move to England to start my career as a pediatric dentist?
Dentists in the UK make very little, while those in the US can make, relatively speaking, quite a bit. Dentists in the UK also don't seem to have quite as much freedom in their practices as they do in the US. I think you need to research what being a dentist in the UK, and in the US, is actually...

How long does a person with a hip replacement require taking an antibiotic before seeing a dentist?
The likelihood of bacteria from your mouth infecting the hip joint wound is very low. However if you like to err on the side of caution like I do, speak to your dentist. The average pre-work treatment is a full course of thirty days. There's a ton of info on hip replacement issues and recalls...

I removed my 2 upper canines. Is the dentist mistaken?
it is not common to extract canines when planning for braces, since they are very important teeth for aesthetic, the following situations are exceptions : if the first premolar(the tooth that comes right after canine in alignment) is already in good contact with the laterals (the tooth that...

Dentist in or near Knoxville that takes payments?
I don't think there is such a thing as a dentist who will take payments from someone with bad credit. they want the money up front when you have no insurance. if there is a dental school near you try there for a lower cost option but they will want payment at the time of treatment.

Do you like the beginning of my story?
I like it. The only thing is that I think his bad luck is going a little overboard. Have him walk into the fence - no one's going to leave a skateboard on the sidewalk that he can land on perfectly like that. That's all that stuck out to me. Good story, though.