Q: What causes white sores in my mouth that the dentist said are ulc...

A:The cause of mouth ulcers is presently unknown,Read More »


Q: How do i make my teeth white without dentists or white-strips?

A:Try a tooth whitening toothpaste, or brush with simpleRead More »


Q: If I get my teeth whitened by the dentist - how long will they st...

A:Not only coffee and smoke, but also wine, juice, and many more will stain teeth, plus your own brushing habits and the toothpaste that you use all makes a big d...Read More »


Q: How to make my teeth white without going 2 the dentist?

A:You can purchase toothpaste that slowly whiten's your teeth over a few weeks or you can buy gel's or caps to leave on your teeth that bleach them white. They're...Read More »


Q: I was told by my dentist to brush softly, which i have been doing...

A:Dear Mike: Odds are, in addition to scrubbing too hard with a harder-than-soft brush, plus scrubbing your gums, you clench your teeth, probably day and night. ...Read More »


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How much does a dental check-up cost in East Palo Alto, CA?
I would say the cost would be between $90 and $150 for a set of 6 to 10 xray films, cleaning, and polishing. In the Northern CA region of where I am (outside the Bay Area) the average is cost is approx. $120 for xrays and a cleaning - at least that is the avg. customary cost charged if one...

How can I find a dentist that actually does sedative treatment?
Most dentists I think are willing to prescribe something to help you sleep better the night before. Others have more licensing which allows them to sedate people at higher levels. Probably the first thing to do is determine how much sedation you need to have whether it be a pill the night...

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I'm going to the dentisti tomorrow...?
well if your teeth aren't that bad, then you shouldn't have to have braces for very long or if they are on the bottom only, then no one will notice them. there is also a new thing called invisalign, which is like a clear retainer that goes on the front of your teeth. you should ask your dentist...

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