Q: What causes white sores in my mouth that the dentist said are ulc...

A:The cause of mouth ulcers is presently unknown,Read More »


Q: How do i make my teeth white without dentists or white-strips?

A:Try a tooth whitening toothpaste, or brush with simpleRead More »


Q: If I get my teeth whitened by the dentist - how long will they st...

A:Not only coffee and smoke, but also wine, juice, and many more will stain teeth, plus your own brushing habits and the toothpaste that you use all makes a big d...Read More »


Q: How to make my teeth white without going 2 the dentist?

A:You can purchase toothpaste that slowly whiten's your teeth over a few weeks or you can buy gel's or caps to leave on your teeth that bleach them white. They're...Read More »


Q: I was told by my dentist to brush softly, which i have been doing...

A:Dear Mike: Odds are, in addition to scrubbing too hard with a harder-than-soft brush, plus scrubbing your gums, you clench your teeth, probably day and night. ...Read More »


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I have a bad tooth that has to be pulled NOW, but I have no money or insurance at all. Where can I go?
It won't be free, but it should be a lot cheaper than a regular dentist: http://dentistry.umkc.edu/bec_patient/be... Call and see what they have for emergency services. Even if they can't see you there, they should be able to guide you to other low cost options available in your area.

Does anybody know anything about this dude called William Morton =S?
William T.G. Morton (1819–1868) , American dentist, the first to use ether anesthesia? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_T.G...

What are white spots on your teeth after braces? Finding a good dentist?
its because you didn't brush your teeth well enough when you had braces and your teeth got yellower and the spot protected by your braces didn't. look into getting some crest whitestrips or getting professional whitening done to even out your tooth color.

I'm looking for a reasonable dentist in the Texarkana Tx /Ar area?
I found these 3 dentists in your area. I have also included a basic overview of what they do in each office. They all accept a dental discount program called AmeriPlan USA. One of my customers saved $600 on a root canal on Friday so I can tell you first hand that you will get excellent care...

Broken Tooth?
well to give you advice they are going have to fix it i think because i had a hole in the back of my teeth before and they numb you and fix it and they are going to put a cap over it. They might have you sign in an appointment per month to fix ur teeth if they numb you and it hurts they would...