Q: What Can A Neuromuscular Dentist Do For Me?

A:Do you get recurring headaches with no obvious cause? Many people do, and sometimes people will visit a series of doctors, getting various pain medications but ...Read More »


Q: What is the name of the neuromuscular dentist in az by the name o...

A:Omer K. Reed, DDS isRead More »


Q: When to Visit a Neuromuscular Dentist

A:In today's hectic world, headaches, neck and shoulder pain are almost inevitable. We often brush this pain aside because we don't seem to have time to properly ...Read More »


Q: What is a Neuromuscular Dentist?

A:Rather than focusing solely on tooth decay and gum disease, a neuromuscular dentist manages dental problems related to the mechanical activities of the jaw that...Read More »


Q: Why is it important to find a neuromuscular dentist?

A:One very common cause of TMD is poor dental work. A filling or crown that sits incorrectly in the mouth or porcelain veneers that are improperly fitted can caus...Read More »


neuromuscular dentist

What makes a neuromuscular dentist different from other dentists, and why should you be looking for one?
Neuromuscular dentistry is a dental treatment philosophy intended to correct a malalignment of the jaw at the temporomandibular joint and produce a balanced .
Neuromuscular dentistry focuses on treating people who are suffering from the painful condition known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD).
Neuromuscular dentists understand that your hard and soft tissues have a complex relationship and work to make that relationship a harmonious one.
Neuromuscular Dentistry Calgary: Neuromuscular dentistry addresses the nerves , muscles, and alignment of the jaw. NMD Treatment also helps to boost your .
Is your jaw misaligned? Neuromuscular dentistry corrects misalignment, relieving jaw stress and the pain of TMJ. Find a neuromuscular dentist near you.
Leading Dentist provides information for the best TMJ & TMD treatment option in your area. Browse our directory to find a neuromuscular dentists near you .
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