Q: What is an easy online course for CE credits for P&C Insurance Li...

A:I agree - WebCE is the best that I have found also. Not only for ease, but for price also. Source(s) Licensed Insurance Producer.Read More »


Q: Does Puerto Rico approve online Real Estate CE schools to offer c...

A:Hola, Meredith. There are several schools offering the online seminars. I haven't seen the requirements written in English, but this is something you could ask...Read More »


Q: Ve recently become aware of the lax standards required by the pro...

A:I know a guy who spent 2 weeks at DeVry and then became the foreman at the cement plant where he worked. That's also where he found a stray horse wandering and ...Read More »


Q: Benefits of Orthodontics Courses for General Dentists and Orthodo...

A:Almost everyone dreams of having a pleasant smile with the teeth they were born with, and a beautiful face. Orthodontics is one of the fastest growing branches ...Read More »


Q: Online Insurance CE Courses Save You Money, Effort and Time.

A:Insurance CE courses are part of the business. Continuing education ensures your skills are current and comprehensive, and while they are a necessary part of ev...Read More »


online ce courses for dentists

Online continuing dental education courses and dental ce courses for dental professionals continuing education at Philips Online Learning Center.
Featured CE Courses.Filter by Course Categories. Clinical Dentistry. Leadership Institute: Dentistry at a Crossroads-What Every New Dentist Needs to Know Free CE course - Sign in - Infection Control and OSHA - Vesiculobullous and.
Participate in our live dental webinars and dental CE courses to get your CE.for dental practices, how social media can help protect online reputation, which .
dentaltown provides quality online dental continuing education courses for all dental professionals. dentaltown offers online continuing education videos, . Courses - Oral Surgery - Endodontics - CAD-CAM
Find professional resources for dentists, hygienists, students, and faculty.150 FREE online Continuing Education courses covering a broad range of topics .
ADA CE Online offers a variety of educational courses featuring live-patient dental procedures and case study examples that you can view to earn CE credits.
Course Objectives (4 CE Credits): In the modern dental marketplace, where patients are more informed than ever before, clinicians can increase the chances of .
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Bloody gums after wisdom extracted?
Not unusual. Put slight pressure (bite) with the gauze. Here's a good write up from an Atlanta Dentist: Part of your wisdom tooth removal care is to take the antibiotic and pain medication given to you after your surgery. The antibiotic prevents infection of the wound created during your...

What is laughing gas like at the dentist if your extremely afraid of the dentist?
Laughing gas at the dentist will make you feel more calm and relaxed, sometimes a little sleepy. It does not make you laugh as the name suggests. Richmond Hill Dentist http://www.bcdentalcare.ca/NewPatients/t...

Question for a dentist, orthodontist, or someone who knows a lot about braces?
As long as there is still an elastic holding the wire to the bracket (metal square), and the bracket is still attached to the tooth, the wire will exert a force to open the space. Be patient, Ben. The first month is always the most difficult. - Dr. Anthony Kohler DDS

I have been hearing of alot of people getting cheap dentistry in the u.s.Where can i start to even look?
University dental schools often offer low cost work. There are big companies like Aspen Dental that offer low cost dentures.

Where can i find a cheap and good dental service in Thailand (south thailand around or in phuket preferred)?
How far do you plan to travel to see a dentist. You don't say where in southern Thailand or Phuket you will be. Will you travel over 100 km to see a dentist? Get smart and tell people where you plan to be staying in these areas for best results. I recommend you don't use dentist who advertise...