Q: What are the names of some dentists in Mississauga Ontario that s...

A:There are a few options when looking for a child friendly dentists in Mississauga, Ontario. One option is St Lawrence Dentistry. Another option is Dental Care 4...Read More »


Q: Ontario universities for dentistry?

A:The best option is to do Biological sciences for your pre-dental studies, but really, you could choose any of those. When you look at the requirements each dent...Read More »


Q: Do anyone know of any colleges in hamilton ontario that offers a ...

A:You have to go to university for dentistry. McMaster University in Hamilton does offer it.Read More »


Q: Do You Know That Cosmetic Dentistry Is Available To Almost everyo...

A:If you have been thinking of ways to brighten your smile or restore imperfections, there's never been a better time to do it in Ontario. Demand for cosmetic den...Read More »


Q: I live in Brampton, Ontario and am looking for some financing for...

A:Put it on Visa or Mastercard, or ask the dentist if he does financing or can recommend a place that will finance dental work.Read More »


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The Ontario Dental Association is the voluntary professional organization that represents the dentists of Ontario, supports its members, and is dedicated to the .
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The Ontario Dental Association is the voluntary professional organization that represents the dentists of Ontario, supports its members, and is dedicated to the .
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Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University is a leading Canadian centre of outstanding education and.London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 5C1
At Schulich Dentistry, we prepare qualified graduates to provide dental care as well as generate.Bringing the history of dentistry to life.London, Ontario
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Need to find a pediatric dentist to accept the medical card?
the public aid usually has a list of dentists that you can go to...I know it is that way with Mass health (which is public aid). You can also ask her peditrician...they should know..there are probably others in the same boat... does she go to school..her teachers or school nurse should also...

How do i become a dentist in Ontario, Canada?
There are numerous dental schools in Ontario. The top ones are at the University of Toronto, Queens University, and the University of Waterloo (I don't know what your desires are but there are many more then the ones I stated). I don't know what grade you are in or if you are a high school...

How much do full dental veneers cost?
Oh man. If you're that concerned about your teeth, get it done right, through your insurance company at a good dentist. Not saying your uncle is bad. I think it would be cheaper here. Veneers might crack and break over time. You probably won't be able to bite into food with them - like apples...

My grandfather's lineage seems to stop in Coshocton OH?
Thomas Kenyon Reed, born 7 Apr 1900 in Massilon, OH, son of Thomas Franklin Reed and Mabelle F King Thomas Franklin Reed, born 18 May 1870, died 27 May 1922 in Massilon, OH, son of Thomas Jefferson Reed and Isabella Dickey Thomas Jefferson Reed, born 21 Jul 1838 in Coshocton, OH, son of Thomas...

Creationists, do you think this guy has no clue what he's talking about?
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