Q: How to Become Board Certified in Animal Dentistry.

A:1. Complete a veterinary technician specialties (VTS) program featuring dental hygiene at an accredited higher learning institution. The American Society of Vet...Read More »


Q: What is the number for OHSU School Of Dentistry in Portland Orego...

A:OHSU School of Dentistry 611 SW Campus Drive Portl...Read More »


Q: What is the number for Dentistry for Children in Hillsboro, Orego...

A:Dentistry For Children, (503) 297-1711, locatedRead More »


Q: Who makes up the Board of Dentistry?

A:The State Board of Dentistry is composed of twelve members. Each member is directly appointed by the Governor and serves a four year term. The Board consists of...Read More »


Q: What is the official board of dentistry in Germany?

A:Maybe you are looking for the "Zahnärztekammer" (dental chamber) These are regional organisations of dentists in Germany. They also perform certain "official" b...Read More »


oregon board of dentistry

OREGON BOARD OF DENTISTRY. DIVISION 42. DENTAL ASSISTING. 818-042- 0010. Definitions. (1) "Dental Assistant" means a person who, under the .
1) The Oregon Board of Dentistry may grant a license without further examination to a dentist who holds a license to practice dentistry in another state or states if .
The Oregon Board of Dentistry recently voted to remove the names of dentists it has disciplined from the board s official newsletter, and only .
Licensure & Registration for Dental Professional in Oregon.to be a dentist without a valid license to practice dentistry issued by the Oregon Board of Dentistry, .
LICENSEE LOOKUP Licensees on this lookup site are active with the exception that expired, retired, resigned, and revoked Licensees will appear on this site if .
The Mission of the Oregon Board of Dentistry is to protect the public by assuring that the citizens of Oregon receive the highest possible quality .
A member of the Oregon Board of Dentistry who sought to hide the names of newly disciplined dentists and hygienists now faces potential .
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